Pharmapack Antigen Test Kit Packaging Solution

The Urgent Need for Efficient Antigen Test Kit Packaging Solutions

As the world still grapples with the grief and anxiety brought on by the coronavirus that continues to rage, nucleic acid detection that can effectively test has become indispensable worldwide. In this situation, an antigen test kit, a supplement to nucleic acid detection, can not only reduce the testing time to help people quickly get the testing result but also play a vital role in risk screening. 

Due to the urgent need for fast and efficient testing during the pandemic, packaging manufacturers are required to produce high-productivity automatic packing machines to enhance production efficiency and satisfy the rapidly expanding market demands.

Challenges Confronted by Traditional Antigen Test Kit Packaging

Before diving into the high efficient Pharma packaging machines, let’s clarify three major challenges and obstacles of traditional antigen test kit packaging. 

Low Efficiency

Traditional antigen test kit packaging is normally artificial packaging. The biggest cons of artificial packaging are that it is time-consuming and low efficiency, which can not satisfy the needs of large amounts of antigen test kits during the background of the pandemic. 

Low Quality

Except for the low efficiency of traditional pharmaceutical packaging solutions, the quality of traditional antigen test kit packaging is uneven. For instance, some people find that some parts in the kit are missing, together with receiving scattered packaging, affecting the end-user experience and the kit brand reputation. 

High Cost

The traditional antigen test kit packaging solution needs more staff and space to accomplish one order, which will greatly enhance the total operating cost to much extent. 

Pharmapack Launches Advanced Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions

Through years of hard efforts in providing high-quality pharmaceutical packaging equipment and solutions, we at Pharmapack grasped the market trend and successfully launched automatic packing machines that can effectively enhance the speed of packing antigen test kits.
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This pharmaceutical packaging equipment is used to assemble the diagnostic cassette and put the cassette and desiccant into a bag automatically.

This automatic packing machine will automatically put the whole kit into a bag or carton, from pick-up to place, and ensure the filling accuracy. 

How Does Pharmapack Help Packaging Antigen Test Kit?

Our new arrival of pharmaceutical packaging equipment has won worldwide appreciation due to the various merits they provide. And some of the distinctive pros of our new arrivals are listed as follows:

1.Save Cost

These automatic packaging machines occupy relevant small spaces. They need fewer people to operate them, which will significantly reduce the investment cost of space facilities in the packaging workshop of the enterprise. 

2.Efficient Work

Our pharmaceutical packaging solutions guarantee accurate and efficient work. On the one hand, the mistake that some parts are missing will not occur with the help of our automatic packing machines.  On the other hand, the LFC-06D achieves to package up to 3,600 bags of kits per hour, while the LFC-08CD realizes to pack diagnostic cassettes with a maximum of 5,000 per hour. 

3.Module Design

One of the amazing parts of these two automatic packaging machines is their modular designs. The modular design means that each functional station can be added, reduced, and combined according to different packaging requirements, thus achieving diversified packaging designs. 

4.Innovative Design

With our continuous R&D, we bring out innovative designs, ingenious bag opening, and pushing stations that can bring the best user experience. This design can open the kit bag by sucking the top and bottom and spare more space for pushing the antigen test kit into a bag, making the bagging correctly and easily.

5.Strong Control System

They are highly automated packaging machines with strong control systems. We use motion controller and EtherCAT protocol to replace traditional PLC control to realize high automation, accuracy, convenience, and intuition. 

6.Stability Packaging Order 

Our superior Pharma packaging machines ensure orderly placement and packaging of antigen test kits to avoid the situation that some parts miss or the packaging is broken, thereby guaranteeing to deliver of large amounts of orders successfully. 

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