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Ever since pills and tablets are becoming indispensable in daily necessities, it’s imperative for us to comprehend the significant roles that high-efficiency packaging solution plays in different industries, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.

Understanding the Momentous of High-Efficiency Packaging Solution
The consecutive development of technology eyewitnesses a common social phenomenon that an ever-increasing number of people are aware of the safety of drugs, which come in different shapes, and the most common ones are pills and tablets. In such a situation of gigantic demands, pharmaceutical industries should repudiate defective drugs, which will bring unimaginable dreadful effects to human beings. 

However, one fact you should never ignore is that the major amount of defective drugs is produced under negligent or improper performance in packaging, especially during human sorting and packaging. Thus, many perspicacious pharmaceutical enterprises introduce high-efficiency automatic packing machines to improve drug quality, together with improving brand awareness.

3 Major Pain Spots You Should Know About Traditional Pharma Packaging

For a better understanding of why automatic packing machines emerge nowadays, let’s firstly explain some reasons that stimulate pill counting machine providers to innovate and reform the traditional pharma packaging line.

Various Types of Machines
It is acknowledged that traditional pharma packaging methods contain many pharmaceutical machines, including pharma inspection, sorting, filling, and counting machines. Combined with these complex and cumbersome machines, the whole packaging process costs much more time, and there will be more space consumption, increasing the total operating expenditures.
Plenty of Defective Products
Low-quality and defective pills are invisible destroyers of people undoubtedly. Produced by manual packaging, there is a higher probability of drug defects, which are because the drug does not meet the weight standard or the drug quantity is not consistent with the standard. However, with the deepening of the pharmaceutical reform, many countries put forward higher and severer requirements of drug qualities. That’s why automatic packing machines are innovated to satisfy the market demands.
Huge Influence on Brand Awareness
Pharmaceutical enterprises must bear the huge investment costs in different pharma machines, which will also cover a large space. In addition, these enterprises will endure a decline in their reputation as users find defective drugs. All of these factors will have a huge influence on brand awareness.

Pharmapack Automatic Packing Machine Helps You All

In order to deal with the obstacles mentioned above that are confronted by traditional packaging solutions, Pharmapack, a professional pharmaceutical packaging company, innovated an advanced automatic packing machine, 360°Tablet Counting Machine, after years of reform and innovation. 

Two-in-One Design

One of the significant selling points of this automatic packing machine is that it combines two characteristics, sorting and counting, that comes from two machines, decreasing the space occupation and increasing working efficiency with various channels and fast speed.

Multiple Functions

This 360° Tablet Counting Machine successfully achieves counting, filling, and sorting functions for pills, tablets, soft and hard capsules, and other solid granules. Thus, it can be widely used in health care, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, pesticide, and other industries.

Higher Precision

With the help of AI, the compatibility and error detection rate of pills and tables of the automatic packing machine will be more precise than ever. With more durable weighing performance, higher accuracy, and integration, we guarantee our superior packaging lines will help enterprises improve the output drugs quality and user satisfaction.

Intelligent Control

We adopt double wide-angle miniature cameras at the front and rear of the automatic packing machine, which up to 100 frames/second to realize 360° detection, online rejection of defective drugs, infrared counting, and automatic bottle filling. Thus, you can rest assured our innovative pill counting machine needs less human interface by adopting intelligent controls.

Safety Accessories
Last but not least, the quality and durability of this automatic sorting machine are significant merits that you can’t ignore. For instance, we use AISI 304 stainless steel frame and the contact parts for drugs, and we use AISI 316L stainless steel to ensure it is clean and safe. To mention it, all of our materials used in the automatic packing machines have complied with GMP and FDA standards.

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