The Best Automatic Capsule Filling Machine From Pharmapack You Can't Miss

Automatic capsule filling machine is a must-have in the pharmaceutical industry but also in other industries such as the manufacturing of dietary supplements and other products. Since the demand for these machines keeps increasing, many brands have decided to offer their own units. Pharmapack, as one of the leading companies in this industry, created an outstanding automatic filling machine. Read on to learn more.

Market share of automatic capsule filling machine

According to some reports, the value of the automatic capsule filling machine market in 2019 was $170.3 million. This market is expected to expand by 1.9% annually and reach the value of $183.4 million in 2025. 

Other reports show this industry is worth a lot more than most people think. What's more, this market is expected to keep growing year by year. The latest report estimates that the automatic capsule filling machine market will reach the value of $290.92 million by 2028. The same report indicated the value of this market in 2021 was $211.32 million.

Differences in reports stem from the coverage and analysis of the market. Some are focused on specific areas, whereas others explore worldwide trends. One thing is certain – the growth of the automatic capsule filling machine market shows no signs of slowing down. 


Why is the automatic capsule filling machine popular?

The growth of automatic capsule filling machine market continues to grow due to high demand. These machines have become popular worldwide, particularly in recent years. One of the main factors influencing their ever-increasing demand is versatility. Various industries utilize automatic capsule filling machines, including the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, animal feed, food and beverages industries, among others.

At the same time, the increasing prevalence of multiple chronic illnesses raised the demand for capsule filling machines that would facilitate medicinal capsule production and take it to a whole new level. The COVID-19 pandemic has also influenced the rise of this market and made these machines more popular.

Various industries turn to the automatic capsule filling machine because these units boost productivity and prove to be valuable investments. They can reduce costs and speed up processes that used to take hours. 


Main functions of automatic capsule filling machine

The automatic capsule filling machine has revolutionized the industries that rely on capsules, primarily pharmaceutical and chemical industries. For that reason, it's important to address some of their most important functions.  

1.Instruction module 

The main characteristic of the automatic capsule filling machine is its outstanding instruction module. The machine allows for industrial computer control. Operating this kind of machine is simple and easy. A simple click on the touchscreen menu starts the whole process where the operator doesn't have to do anything else. It's also useful to mention that an automatic capsule filling machine allows users to adjust various parameters and customize them according to their needs. The machine is convenient and intuitive. 

2.Accurate counting module

Counting capsules manually takes hours and slows down the entire process. That's where the automatic capsule filling machine steps in. The machine counts capsules in a matter of seconds. The most important thing here is accuracy. Users can be certain the machine shows precise and accurate counts. Since everything is performed quickly, the whole production process can expand. 

3.Hard capsule filling module

Hard capsule filling mode allows for using fill powder in the form of slug in hard gelatin capsules. These kinds of capsules can be quite tricky and complex. While it's possible to fill them manually or with some machines, only the automatic capsule filling machine can perform this task perfectly and preserve the capsules' integrity. It also ensures each capsule contains the proper dosage. 

4.Automatic bottling module

Thanks to the automatic bottling module, the automatic capsule filling machine enhances the quality and safety of the products. Since the machine performs this task, the risk of contamination is brought to the minimum. This is particularly important because contaminated products and medications are a health risk, and they also increase expenses, cause product recalls, and so much more.


How to choose the best automatic capsule filling machine?

There are many automatic capsule filling machines on the market, but not all are good choices. In order to choose the best automatic capsule filling machine, you need to consider the following criteria:

· Size and type of capsules needed

· Capsule filling material

· Processing speed

· accuracy 

· Ease of operation 

· Maintenance

· Size of the machine

· Production rate

· Warranty

The goal is to get the automatic capsule filling machine with high processing speed and productivity. The machine should be accurate, easy to use, and simple to maintain. The automatic capsule machine should be able to fit perfectly into the designated area. At the same time, the manufacturer needs to provide goods price and exceptional warranty. 

Pharmapack automatic capsule filling machine (PHC-01)

Where to find the best capsule filling machine? Pharmapack's automatic capsule filling machine, PHC-01, is among the most reliable units of this kind. Pharmapack automatic capsule filling machine adopts the mode of optical fiber counting, intermittent operation, and full servo control. Additionally, various fill materials can be used with this automatic capsule filling machine. The unit is easy to operate and doesn't require special staff training, which is why it's the best automatic capsule filling machine. 

Developed with cutting-edge technology, PHC-01 comes with a user-friendly touchscreen where you can select desired parameters and start the machine. The unit can process a large number of capsules without causing damage and thereby preserve their integrity and quality. 


The continuous rise of the automatic capsule filling machine market is all thanks to the incredible popularity of these machines. This popularity is well-deserved thanks to all the benefits and functions they provide. One of the best brands of automatic capsule filling machines on the market is Pharmapack. Our automatic capsule filling machine features cutting-edge technology, high accuracy, and fast processing speed. All this can take production to a new level. As a company, Pharmapack puts a strong focus on the research and development of its products.

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