Where to Find the Best Packaging Machine Manufacturer

Nowadays, people have realized the importance of packaging machines in this era of productivity development. The main reason is that packaging machines are now widely used in pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetics, personal care, food & confection, dairy, and other industries. Besides, due to the importance of keeping goods inside the packaging and the preservation conditions, industries are always trying to be at the forefront of providing comprehensive solutions, even in the packaging field. The preservation, storage, and even safety depend heavily on the packaging.

Therefore, it’s important to find the best packaging machine manufacturer. In this article, we will illustrate the definition of the best packaging machine manufacturer and where to find it.

The current problems of packaging machine manufacturers

Since packaging is an integral part of the entire production process, companies have to find suitable packaging machines for their goods. Still, some critical problems exist for packaging machine manufacturers in the market. 

l  Single packaging only

Some packaging machine manufacturer in the market is only available of a single package which means the packaging does not incorporate inner containers. And that could cause damages to the product, especially for the pharmaceutical packaging industry and food packaging industry. Moreover, it’s hard to simplify plant production and optimize distribution without secondary packaging.

l  Not moisture-proof and oxidation-proof

Moisture and oxidation resistance is one of the most important functions because it can prevent product damage during long-distance transportation. For example, in the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry, due to the particularity of the commodity, a completely sealed environment is required to maintain the properties of the commodity, so packaging is very important. Among them, moisture-proof and oxygen-proof are two of the most basic requirements. If there is a problem with the product because of poor packaging, that will be the last thing you want to see. 

l  No customized services

Due to cost issues, many manufacturers do not support customized services, and they only have some packaging machines for simple or general packaging, which is obviously not enough for multi-commodity, mass-produced companies.


What kind of packaging machine manufacturer should be considered?

According to the existing problems we listed above, here are some points you should consider when choosing a good packaging machine manufacturer with advanced packaging technology.

l  Manufacturer with a complete production line

First of all, a whole packaging process usually requires a whole packaging machine line with several machines. For example, in a multi-stick automatic packing line, there are stick packing machines, cartoner, case packer, and palletizer working together. Therefore, a complete production line is one of the affecting factors of advanced packaging technology.

l  Manufacturers with independent R&D capabilities

Second of all, a good packaging machine manufacturer should have independent research and development ability. Only a manufacturer with independent research and development capabilities can produce a large-scale packaging production line. For example, Pharmapack’s multi-stick automatic packaging line provides the most innovative packaging for the coffee industry. Each coffee beans package is individually packaged, thus the machine preserves the product’s characteristics without affecting the rest, as only what is needed is used. 

l  Manufacturers that support customized services

Last but not least, as everyone knows, different industries need different packaging solutions. Even in the same industry, every company has its own idea of product packaging, which requires a customized service from packing machine manufacturers. 

For example, in the research and development of coffee bean bag sealing machines, the single-serving packaging system of ground coffee with an accuracy of millimeters is different. The installation of vacuum packaging machines and automatic packaging machines is different. In order to properly package coffee in this way, it is necessary for manufacturers to have advanced packaging machines designed for the different needs of the company’s product.

af29ab9162bf2167c00229b374ef13b9.pngThe benefits of choosing Pharmapack as your packaging machine manufacturer

To sum up, Pharmapack is your best choice for buying a packaging machine. We’ll explain it to you as follow:

l  Complete line integration

We have a complete line integration with a smart bottle packaging line, smart secondary packaging line, and track & trace system, which is capable of a package for powder, granules, pills, liquid, paste, and other relevant products. We have a wide range of machines to complement your production line with the type of packaging you want. We are committed to providing companies with packaging machines that simplify factory production, optimize distribution and make products to be competitive.

Our packaging machines are completely moisture and oxygen-resistant. Because the drug is susceptible to moisture and the environment, the efficacy of the drug is affected. Therefore, to ensure the efficacy of the drug, we have developed advanced packaging technology which is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry. 

l  Automatic powder recovery system available

An automatic powder recovery system and servo feed supplement are two of the most significant advantages of our packaging machines. An automatic powder recovery system ensures that items are clean and free from contamination and the servo feed supplement ensures a coherent and efficient packaging process.

l  Customized services

We provide you with customized and digital packaging solutions. We have devoted ourselves to producing packaging machines that match the needs of customers, which will surely satisfy you. Moreover, we have the best after-sales team to serve every customer.

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