Top 4 Questions about Pharmapack Automatic Counter You Need to Know

An automatic counter is a device that counts things automatically. This kind of appliance has been around for a long time. However, recent developments have increased the popularity and usage of automatic counters. Technology in this age has made it possible to develop counters of different designs and sizes, including inexpensive and portable ones. These machines can count faster and more accurately than ever before and thus can be used for a larger number of applications.


This article will take you through the top 4 questions about Pharmapack automatic counter.

Top 4 Questions about Pharmapack Automatic Counter (LF-16)

LF-16, one of the most popular products of Pharmapack, is an automatic counter with excellent counting capacity. It is extremely beneficial for its strong operability and other features. Here are four of the most common questions about it:  

1.        What Can Pharmapack Automatic Counter Calculate?

It can handle various objects, including tablets or capsules with a diameter from 3 to 13 mm, length from 3 to 21 mm, and thickness from 3 to 10 mm. The LF-16 is primarily used in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food industries.

2.        How Does Pharmapack Automatic Counter Work?

Products to be counted are placed on hoppers by a manual or automatic loading system, and then they are dropped from the hopper onto two sets of three-grade vibratory plates, where they are moved in a single file fashion across 32 channels of the plates.

Thirty-two detection tunnels are located at the end of each channel, and their sensors and control systems detect each product and count them as they flow through the tunnels. After being detected and counted, they will be collected on the nozzle gate until reaching the preset count, and then the tunnel gate closes. At the same time, the nozzle gate opens to allow the counted products in the funnel to fall into the bottle via the nozzle. 

3.        Is Pharmapack Automatic Counter Accurate?

Without any doubt, automatic counters are more accurate than manual counting. In terms of manual people counting, some estimates say it is inaccurate by as much as 15%, meaning that the correct rate only stands for 85%. It is a huge issue in the resource-intensive process, especially in industries like the pharmacy. 

But when replaced with automatic counters, each counting device can boast an accuracy of between 95% and 99%. And with scientific design and engineering, the automatic tablet counter has a pretty good track record for accuracy, thus providing reliable performance, cutting product waste, and saving time and resources. 

In addition, with a maximum production speed of up to 16000pcs/min, its great efficiency enables employment in industries with higher demands for efficiency toward machines. In short, the machine allows maximum speed and accuracy while minimizing the number of wasted products.

4.        Is Pharmapack Automatic Counter Worth the Investment?

According to Fortune, the global filling machine market size was $ 5.38 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $ 7.03 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 3.4% during the forecast period. The rising industrial development and purchasing power parity across the developing countries are anticipated to augment this market. 

Moreover, stringent government rules across the pharmaceutical, food, and other associated industries are pushing the filling equipment manufacturers to opt for standard machines and filling processes to maintain the hygiene and quality of the product.


Counting manually is time-consuming, making errors possible to creep into your count. In contrast, automated machinery increases satisfaction for higher safety, productivity, and functionality levels. These automated counters reduce error rates, saving companies time and money over the long run. So, the Pharmapack automatic counting machine is worth the investment.

The automatic tablet counter is a huge success in the world of business and a revolution in counting inventory. Currently, the automatic counters are equipped in many industries to increase efficiency, lower costs and make informed decisions about their inventory. Therefore, the Pharmapack automatic counting machine is worthy of a huge investment.

What Makes the Pharmapack Automatic Counter Stand Out?

From the perspective of performance, firstly, it is a stand-alone, reliable machine that can be used in various industries. Secondly, it can increase working efficiency while maintaining safety and accuracy. The Pharmapack automatic counter is applied with advanced sensor technology, which is why the counter can shorten the time in scanning and counting, a time that almost no human worker could achieve. Adding to the accuracy is that the system can distinguish between two products that physically touch each other.

From a customer service perspective, Pharmapack has top-of-the-line customer service representatives available 24/7. We are always willing to answer any questions about our products or give any advice on using their products properly.

Overall, the LF-16 automatic tablet counter, with the bulk of functions provided, is a great tool for those looking to streamline their process.  


Efficiency, accuracy, and standardization are vital to the packaging industry as they help set a specific packaging process with numerous applications. Henceforth, a highly efficient, accurate automatic counter is of great importance in many industries. If you are looking for an advanced device that is both accurate and sturdy, then take a look at the tablet counter from Pharmapack. 

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