New Automatic Packing Machine for Diagnostic Kit: All You Should Know

A diagnostic kit is a set of equipment and supplies used to diagnose or assist in diagnosing medical conditions. Nowadays, the diagnostic kit, an indispensable tool in COVID-19, can not only help diagnose whether the patient is infected but also serve as a guide to ensure more effective treatment.


Diagnostic kits serve as vital tools in preventing unnecessary panic and assisting in containing the spread of infection quickly, especially since the demand for diagnosis kits has grown tremendously due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


In this condition, a copious number of pharmaceutical packaging enterprises have been working hard to innovate automatic packing machines that can produce and distribute diagnostic kits in bulk so that the goal of high efficiency and superior quality can be achieved. 


If you are unfamiliar with how diagnostic kits and automatic packing machines benefit us, we will assist you in forming an all-inclusive understanding of them. Thus, let's dive into the topic. 


What is the Diagnostic Kit? 

During the pandemic, diagnostic kits are used to diagnose pathogens, including respiratory syncytial viruses and influenza viruses. These tests can detect specific viral antigens and confirm the absence or presence of viral infection.


The most important thing about diagnostic kits is that they are small, lightweight, and portable enough to carry around when needed. In addition, they are easy to use and user-friendly since no complex instructions are required for their use. All diagnostic kits can be used at home or office without needing an appointment with a physician or other healthcare professional.


How Many Types do Diagnostic Kits have?

Since diagnostic kits are becoming increasingly essential during COVID-19, it comes in various packaging styles. In addition, the diagnostic kit is mainly composed of sampling cotton swabs, extraction tubes, diagnostic cassette, instructions, etc. And the following are the most common packaging types that you should know: 


1. Plastic Package

This type of packaging is used for some medical diagnostic kits with a small size and weight. Plastic packaging is cheaper than other types of packaging and prevents the kit from getting wet. They are usually made of polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP), which makes them lightweight and durable. They also usually come with a resealable top so users can store the kit when not in use.


2. Small Box

Small boxes typically contain simple components of diagnostic tests that do not require a lot of space. For example, small boxes can be easily stored in a drawer or shelf and transported easily. In addition, some small boxes for diagnostic kits can be customized to improve the brand's reputation. 


3. Medium Box

Medium boxes are used for packaging more complex diagnostic kits that require more room than small boxes. These boxes can be transported easily, and they are often used by people across the country. They tend to be slightly more expensive than their smaller counterparts because they have more space inside them and are made of stronger material.


The market for diagnostic kits is booming, which stimulates enterprises to provide pharmaceutical packaging solutions to successfully meet market demand effectively and reasonably. 


That's why Pharmapack has launched two new automatic packing machines, LFC-06D and LFC-08CD, that can pack the diagnostic kits quickly and efficiently, which will be a big help in satisfying the market's demand.


Why Should You Choose Pharmapack Automatic Packing Machines?

The new arrival LFC-06D and LFC-08CD Pharma packing machines are the next generations of automatic packing machines that can be used to package diagnostic kits. The new machines help users to pack diagnostic kits faster and with less cost while improving the quality of the packaging.


For instance, the LFC-08CD automatic packing machine can pack up to 5000 diagnostic kits/hour, while the LFC-06D automatic packing machine can pack up to 3600 diagnostic kits/hour. Both are high-performance automatic packing machine that has been designed to process diagnostic kits with high density and high accuracy.


Except for the high speed that these automatic packing machines provide, their core advantages of them are:


ü These two machines are suitable for various packing types, including plastic packages, small bags, and medium bags. They also can be used to pack different diagnostic kits, making the types of packaging more diverse.

ü Both automatic packing machines are equipped with the most advanced technology and components to ensure high performance, which meets the requirements of pharmaceutical companies.

ü Both machines have strong control systems that ensure that each step is completed automatically without manual intervention for an accurate production process. The motion controller has been designed to replace traditional PLC and can improve the accuracy of operation parameters. EtherCAT bus protocol, which is anti-interference, ensures the smooth operation of the system at all times.

ü Both Pharma packaging machines are equipped with an innovative bag opening/pushing/sealing design that automatically opens the bag, pushes the package into the bag, and seals the bag efficiently.

ü Each packing machine adopts an ergonomic design to ensure comfortable use, which is more flexible in operation due to its easy operating methods that are clear and simple.

ü We offer customized designs for our new automatic packing machines to meet different needs, so users can choose from various options. It means you can get what you want according to your product quality assurance requirements.


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