How to Select Automatic Counting Machine?

Now, automatic counting machine is more and more widely used in pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries. It is suitable for counting capsules, tablets, granules or food.


The following principles should be followed in the purchase of automatic counting machine:


1. Compatibility; Due to different particle types, we must ensure the compatibility when choosing the counting machine, and try to choose the equipment with a wide range of applications and flexible adjustment. In this way, different drugs can be packaged directly, or different drugs can be packaged on the same production line. This can reduce the expenses for equipment purchase. One equipment can meet the overall needs of the production line and also save the overall cost of the plant.


2. Accuracy; There are many factors affecting the accuracy of the automatic counting machine, and the safety and reliability of the equipment itself are different, so the natural accuracy will also be different. Some devices like photoelectric sensor, bin dividing, filling gate and bottle releasing device are the key to choosing counting machine. Therefore, we must choose and purchase formal equipment to ensure good use effect.

 automatic counting machine

3. Simple operation; It is required that the counting machine should fully adapt to the current situation of the operators and maintenance personnel of the pharmaceutical factory, and be easy to adjust, operate and clean. The operation of counting machine will directly affect the production efficiency.


4.Safety; Operation safety and drug quality protection in the packaging process; To guarantee drug quality, apart from selecting corresponding safety materials, it is necessary to ensure that there is no damage to drugs during the counting process, and the equipment is required to have reasonable management, drug delivery mechanism and sub warehouse mechanism.


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