Why Is An Automatic Sorting Machine Essential And Where To Buy The Best

Why Is An Automatic Sorting Machine Essential And Where To Buy The Best

Since drugs are directly related to people's physical health and life safety, ensuring drug safety is the biggest livelihood issue that everyone should recognize. Moreover, the pharmaceutical industry is becoming huge, presenting a significant competition level. Thus, for some business people who are in this industry to find pharmaceutical products, they should clarify how important efficiency is in each product. 


In this condition, people have to constantly find methods that allow them to make the production and packaging process more efficient. Among types of pharmaceutical products in the pharmaceutical industry, there are several ways to streamline certain processes, such as by implementing the use of an automatic sorting machine


These automatic sorting machines can help to deliver automation in the packaging process for pills and tablets. Unfortunately, many pharmaceutical companies fail to realize the essential role that a pharma filling machine can play in their operations. This article explores the benefits of an automatic sorting machine to help you better understand its importance in your business. Keep reading to get something more. 


What Is An Automatic Sorting Machine?

Before going through the definition of an automatic sorting machine, let's clarify why it appears.


The traditional method of processing pills and tablets includes manual sorting and packaging by hand. One of the primary problems that come into play here is the fact that the process is exceptionally time-consuming. It also means pharmaceutical companies have to employ individuals specifically for these tasks, costing the company more in terms of employee salaries. 


Many pharmaceutical companies have started to automate this particular process. This is where an automatic sorting machine, which can specifically focus on replacing the need for manual sorting, becomes a useful asset. The idea here is to ensure users can load a batch of pills into a container and have the machine sort them automatically. 


The automatic sorting machine is normally used for counting and filling pills, tablets, soft or hard capsules, and other solid preparations. In addition, it is responsible for finding and removing defective products, ensuring the quality of each product. 


Typical Characteristics An Automatic Sorting Machine Must Have

After going through why automatic sorting machine emerges in the pharmaceutical industry, let's dive into some essential features that an automatic sorting machine must have. These are the characteristics that essentially contribute to the benefits it brings to the pharmaceutical industry. 


When it comes to assessing a selection of machines, some important characteristics that you should keep in mind include:


· The automatic sorting machine should improve the operation efficiency and make the process of counting pills and sorting through them faster and easier. 

· It should enhance the counting and filling quality; for instance, the pharma filling machine realizes online rejection of defective tablets, increasing the quality of counting and filling. 

· It should decrease the total operation cost. Using the automatic sorting machine, there are fewer expenses to concern during the operation of producing, packaging, and shipping out pills and tablets. 


These characteristics work together in order to fully utilize the best functions of each automatic sorting machine and get the optimal performance. 


A New Automatic Sorting Machine Launched by Pharmapack

Pharmapack has been in the industry for more than two decades and produces some of the most reliable machines that pharmaceutical companies use. Nowadays, we are proud to announce that we are launching a new automatic sorting machine, 360 Filling and Sorting Machine. The following are some distinctive merits that our new arrival owns:



ü It is an all-purpose solution that significantly improves the efficacy of the workflow. It uses state-of-the-art technology to give users better precision and efficacy. 

ü One of the main focus points of the automatic sorting machine is speed, which is achieved by delivering a faster speed at which pills are sorted and packaged.

ü In addition to sorting and packaging, the machine also serves as an automatic counting machine

ü The intelligent control system that is built into the machine ensures pills in each channel are kept separate from others. In this condition, pills or tablets will not mix with each other.

ü The system is fitted with cameras that provide a 360-degree view of the tablets, which provides an easier inspection process and also contributes to the automatic process that the machine delivers.

ü The camera system is also used in order to provide a rejection solution, ensuring every pill or tablet is thoroughly inspected without the need for human intervention. 

ü During the inspection, any tablets that do not comply with the pharmaceutical standards are automatically discarded.

ü These automatic sorting machines provide full compliance with standards set out by both the FDA and GMP.

ü You can rest assured that our advanced machines prioritize durability due to their usage of AISI 304 stainless steel in their frame. 

ü You will be surprised that the contact parts are made from AISI 316L stainless steel. These materials won't rust and provide a more hygienic environment when working with pharmaceutical products.

ü This particular machine also uses a multi-channel construction, which can further contribute to its efficacy in helping to speed up operations. Each channel allows users to sort, count, and package a different type of pill simultaneously. 




Through years of hard efforts in packaging machines that can ease our clients' experience, we are now in the leading position in this industry. We offer a wide range of essential machines that helps automate the process of counting, sorting, and even packaging medication. 


As for our new arrival automatic sorting machine, the primary purpose behind its appearance is to improve on some of the more traditional concepts that pharmaceutical companies use. In addition, our automatic sorting machines have a large focus on accuracy to help you negate losses and problems that may occur due to inefficient sorting. 


In addition to that, we provide a versatile range of solutions as well, which ensures you can find an appropriate solution for the needs presented by your pharmaceutical business. For more information about us, please get in touch with us immediately.


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