Why Investing in Stick Packaging Machines: Risks and Performance Evaluation

The global stick packaging machine market was valued at US$ 2,884.71 Mn in 2020. According to the latest estimate, the industry is expected to grow at 6.9% (CAGR) reaching US$ 4,602.00 Mn by 2027. The growth is mostly due to pharmaceutical demand, where stick packaging machines are used to select capsules and tablets based on their weight, size, and shape to maintain quality standards during production.


Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly investing in stick packaging machines to replace subjective and costly manual sorting. In this article, we will discuss the main risks associated with a poorly designed stick packaging machine and how to evaluate its performance. Eventually, we will introduce you to the latest Pharmapack solution for stick packaging machines.


Risk related to the poor design of sorting machine

Inadequate inspection practices

When inspection machines have high false rejection rates, operators often repeat inspections to recover some falsely rejected products. Not only does this reduce inspection efficiency, but it also violates Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and can lead to conflicts with regulatory authorities.

Sub-optimal inspection

False acceptance increases the risk of batch recall and can put the company's reputation at stake. In addition, false rejection directly contributes to higher performance costs. 


Performance evaluation


Defect detection tests are carried out where machine sensitivity is measured for each defect type. These evaluations help estimate false acceptance risks and indirect performance costs.



False rejection tests support an estimation of direct performance costs. The examination measures the number of good items sorted as defective for each inspected product. 



Long-term running tests simulate the full process with its relevant phases. (e.g., cleaning, machine setup, and machine operation during product inspection) These tests assist in detecting possible pitfalls during machine operation and offer insight into actual inspection capacity.


Remember that before purchasing the machinery, knowing the relevant risk and evaluating performance is critical. Manage your risks by carefully considering and verifying the above-listed performance parameters.


In this regard, Pharmapack has come up with the perfect solution for your business needs. 


Pharmapack stick packaging machine ALFVS-10S

Pharmapack ALFVS-10S stick packaging machine is an automatic stick packaging machine that sees application mainly for health care products and medical products (e.g., pills, tablets, granules, powder).


The operation involves a roll of film cut and formed into multiple stick packs. The bags are filled with the product and then vertically sealed at speeds of roughly 70 cuts per minute for each row.


The machine can accommodate up to 10 rows and offers plenty of customization options supporting several measuring ways, such as measuring cups, screws, electronic counting, and a liquid pump. An independent servo motor controls the metering of each row by adjusting the filling amount, thus effectively preventing the deformation of powder leakage after processing.


Our equipment offers an unparalleled level of security and hygiene, being of AISI 316L stainless steel and food-grade contact partsGMP compliance). In addition, the ALFVS-10S built-in dust recovery system reduce material to jam and improves the tightness of stick packaging. In terms of security, the machinery is equipped with a film-changing alarm. The alarm goes off two minutes before the film is exhausting, improving production efficiency.


Overall, the Pharmapack solution offers convenient operation as the machine is designed in independent modules with optional printing and coding, laser, and visual inspection. The space between machines makes it especially easy to operate and maintain while giving a high level of customization.


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