Smart Bottle Packaging Line: How to Ensure the Safety of Drugs

As an integral part, pharmaceutical packaging is an extension of drugs. Effective pharmaceutical packaging is crucial for the pharmaceutical industry. It protects drugs from damage during be stored, sold, transported and used. So how to ensure the safety of drugs in the packaging process?


Importance of Smart Bottle Packaging Line in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical packaging has a range of important uses. It is not only used for storing drugs and ensuring the safety of drugs, but also essential for identifying the effects of drugs, marketing and promoting different brands of drugs.


Proper packaging is essential to maintaining the quality of drugs because it not only protects drugs from physical damage, but also prevents drugs from biodegradation. Sensitive drugs need to be adequately protected from light, water and other sensitive substances.


The safety of drugs has a great relationship with the packaging equipment. Pharmaceutical packaging equipment are indispensable to ensuring the safety and stability of pharmaceutical effect. With the continuous development of science and technology, the production field has new requirements for packaging technology and packaging equipment. At present, the intelligent packaging market has become the focus of pharmaceutical enterprises since the market is huge, and its strong ability to guarantee drug quality and safety.

Intelligent packaging production lines are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, which can help enterprises to meet the needs of automated production, improve overall efficiency, and ensure the safety of drugs.


PHARMAPACK can provide customers with intelligent packaging solutions and packaging equipment, and truly realize the independent, controllable, safe and reliable production process of efficient packaging.

PHARMAPACK PL series bottle packaging line includes bottle unscrambler, Tablet or capsular counter, inserter, capper, sealer, labeler, leaflet packing machine, case packing machine, cutting machine and so on. Packaging lines can be equipped with SCADA systems, fragment detection and elimination systems, and track & trace system. In addition, the machines of the whole line comply with international standards and requirements of GMP and FDA.

 Smart Bottle Packaging Line

In order to ensure the safety and accuracy of drugs, each channel has an independent camera detection and elimination system. Pills pass the camera detection and elimination system first and then they are counted, to achieve the online elimination of defective pills so as to improve product quality and user satisfaction.

The camera is used at the feeding port of the automatic counter to detect whether there is debris. If there is debris, the debris is blown into the feeding box at the front of the counter by air blowing. The camera can detect round, oval tablets and capsules and can also detect broken products, defects such as length deviations, shape changes, color changes, missing capsule caps, size deviations, etc. to eventually ensure that each pill or tablet is thoroughly checked without human intervention. Any product that does not meet the requirements will be eliminated automatically during the inspection.


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