Why We Choose an Efficient Inspection Machine

Quality is one of the most important management criterion in every industry. As the necessary equipment, an inspection machine of good quality plays an important role in the pharmaceutical packing industry. In this article, we will introduce why we need to choose the inspection machine and what it can bring for us.

During the filling process of ampoule bottles, glass bottles and oral liquid bottles, the reagents may be mixed with particles, which generally include debris of glass , cilia, metal particles and so on.

Inspection machine is an indispensable testing equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. It can detect particles and the appearance of pharmaceuticals to avoid the contamination of products in the container or the reduction of the active drug effect of the solution in the container. By using an inspection machine not only improves the detection efficiency, but also improves the accuracy and stability of the detection.

Inspection Machine

The Advantages of Using an Inspection Machine

As a key part of packaging production line, the inspection machine is mainly responsible for inspecting each drug under the production line with a high speed, which can help improve the efficiency and accuracy of production and reduce the chance of defective products reaching customers.

It is important to find an inspection machine that can meet the specific requirements of manufacturing packaging. Factors such as the size and speed of the machine, as well as the ability to detect drug defects, are also considered.

Using the good-quality light inspection machine ensures that every product is thoroughly inspected and any defective items are identified and removed from the production line, which helps improve the overall quality of the product and ensures that your customer satisfaction.

This is why it is important to invest in a good-quality inspection machine that can quickly and accurately identify any problems. If you are looking for an efficient and accurate test method for medicine bottles, investing in an inspection machine is a wise choice.

The smart inspecting and packaging production line of Pharmapack is composed of inspection machine, labeling machine, automatic tray loader, continuous cartoner, case packer and other equipment , and the function of online monitoring and data acquisition system , production identification code and traceability system can be optional.

We can provide customized solutions according to the requirements of different customers. Our inspection machines have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions.


The Function of Inspection Machine

Automatic continuous inspection machine is mainly used for inspecting the particles, liquid level, the appearance of the cap and bottle body in ampoule bottles, penicillin bottles, oral liquid bottles and other containers. The machine  has the advantages of compact structure with molds easily being disassembled, tool-free operation, simple and quick replacement of different specifications. By using reasonable layout and sealing technology, it is well waterproof and has good sealing performance , easy to clean and keep maintenance.

Working Principle

We use cameras to detect whether there are particles, whether the liquid level meets the requirements of filling volume, whether there are cracks in the bottle body and whether the cap meets the requirements. If the vial, ampoule bottle or oral liquid bottle contains particles, the liquid level does not meet the requirements of filling volume, the bottle body cracks or the bottle cap is unqualified, it will be removed to the corresponding receiving tray. If the vial, the ampoule bottle or the oral liquid bottle meets the requirements, it is sent to the qualified product receiving tray, or being output to the next equipment. 




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