What an Automatic Capping Machine Brings

The requirements of the smart production and manufacturing industry have been constantly improved with the development of science and technology. The capping machine is used in the bottle packing production line for different industries. What is the main function of the automatic capping machine?

Overview of Automatic Capping Machine

As a kind of machinery used to tighten the lid of various containers, the automatic capping machine is used to accurately and firmly cover the metal or plastic screw cap, buckle or bottle cap on the container or bottle. Capping is a critical step in the bottle packing process since it ensures that the bottle is properly sealed without contaminants entering.

Advantages of Using Automatic Capping Machine

There are many advantages including precise structural finish and advanced technical support in the automatic capping machine. They can meet the manufacturing requirements of a variety of industries such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and food and beverage processed foods.

Automatically capping is an important step in the production process because it not only ensures product safety but also helps maintain product quality.

 Automatic Capping Machine

Advantages of Automatic Capping Compared with Manual Capping

More efficient : The automatic capping machine can cap more bottles efficiently in less time.

More accurate: The automatic capping machine ensures each container sealed uniformly. It provides a consistent, reliable and safe sealing to the bottles since every cap and bottle is tightened in the same way.

More reliable: The automatic capping machine assures that fewer defective products will flow into the market.

How the Automatic Capping Machine Works 

Automatic capping machine is a very important machine in the capping process, which is used to screw the cap onto the bottle. The machine has a conveyor belt that takes the bottles from one end and then passes them through the screw head. After grasping the cap with capping head, the cap is gradually placed on the mouth of the bottle and enters the main star wheel for capping as the capping shaft descends. After the detection and elimination mechanism detection is correct (no no cover, no aluminum foil or bad capping), it will enter the next process.

The capping machines are usually set up to accommodate the bottles or caps with various sizes and shapes They can also be adjusted to accommodate bottles of different heights.

Common Application of Automatic Capping Machine

The common applications of automatic capping machine involves pharmaceuticals, health products, food and other industries. You can choose an automatic capping machine to finish the capping process quickly and efficiently whenever you need to seal a container with a cap.

Pharmapack brand would be a good choice if you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use capping machine. Our machines are designed to meet your business needs and we will be backed by a commitment to quality and service.

How the Capping Machine from Pharmapack Improves the Production 

The Pharmapack Capping Machine LFCT-1506/2510 is a reliable machine with high performance designed to comply with current and proposed GMP. It has a small footprint and can effectively maintain the integrity of cleaning room environment. There are very few size conversion parts required. The machine is designed for maximum efficiency and versatility by using the latest technology to automatically place and accurately press various cap types onto the bottle.

Working Theory

The bottle body loaded into the material is sent into the bottle screw mechanism by the conveyor belt, and then accurately enter into the bottle star wheel. At the same time, the bottle cap is lifted from the lid storage bin to the capping mechanism by the elevator. Automatically removed in the specified direction, the bottle cap is sent into the bottle cap slide and enter into the star wheel. After grabbing the cap through the gland head of each gland shaft (6) on the CAM mechanism of the host machine, the bottle cap is gradually placed on the bottle mouth and enter into the main star wheel for capping with the falling of the gland shaft. The body of the bottle with the lid pressed is transferred to the conveyor belt through the outgoing star wheel. After the detection and elimination mechanism detection is correct (no cover, no aluminum foil or bad gland), it enters the next process.

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