Selection and Maintenance Guide for a Stick Packing Machine

Nowadays, stick packaging is a common packaging style for many products . It is popular with current consumers as one of the important packaging methods in the pharmaceutical and health care product industries. There are many types of packaging machines with the continuous development of the packaging industry. So how to buy a suitable stick packaging machine? How to maintain the stick packing machine in daily life?

The production line is specially designed for stick packing machine with the functions of on-line bag making, metering, filling and forming and sealing.
There are several factors to consider when choosing a stick packing machine:

1. It is necessary to determine which products can be packaged by the purchased stick packing machine, and whether it can meet the packaging needs of a machine or a variety of products.

2. Choose a stick packing machine with simple operation and maintenance, complete accessories, and automatic continuous feeding, which can improve packaging efficiency and reduce labor costs, suitable for the enterprise seeking a long-term development.

3. The performance is good and stable to realize the automatic operation of the whole packaging process so as to truly reduce costs and increase efficiency.

4. The accuracy and safety of packaging is high. The stick packing machine needs to ensure the best bag forming effect, reduce the rate of defective products and increase productivity.

stick packing machine

Stick Packing Machine Maintenance Guide

In the normal process of production and manufacturing, the operator should pay attention to the following machine maintenance guidelines and requirements, and solve various routine maintenance tasks according to the maintenance cycle time, so as to reduce the wear and tear of accessories, prevent common faults, and extend the service life of accessories. The machine maintenance process includes three steps: routine maintenance, scheduled maintenance and regular inspection.

First of all, check the parts regularly, check whether the parts are flexible, whether there is wear and tear, and repair them in time if any abnormalities are found. Secondly, the machine needs to be installed and worked in a dry and clean environment. Finally, clean the machine up and maintain it in time when you stop using it.

The stick packing machine is a major development in the field of packaging and its appearance fully demonstrates the benefits of diverse automated packaging.

Pharmapack automatic stick packing machine is a packaging machine developed and designed according to market trends and actual needs of users. It is suitable for medicine, coffee, condiments, sugar, tea powder, granules, medical supplies, milk powder, therapeutic products, health care products and other related powders.
Features of the Machine
1. Automatically rectify the deviation
The film can be moved left and right according to the needs, and the electric eye automatically corrects the deviation of the film.
2. Precise packaging
High precision I-MARK remote control and servo drive ensure accurate packaging and better noise reduction.

3. Adjustable packaging length The packaging
The length can be adjusted using a touch screen and is achieved by a separate servo motor.
4. Sealed twice in a row

Seal the product twice in a row to achieve perfect sealing. Product cutting is carried out at the same time as the machine performs a secondary seal.

5. Replace film

The alarm will sound two minutes before the film is used up, and the machine will stop at the designated position before the film is completely used up.

6. Security

A variety of safety devices are installed in the machine, and any door opening or line disconnection will automatically sound an alarm .
7. Easy operation
The adjusting handle is installed on the front of the machine for easy operation.

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