2023 New Arrival: The Best Automatic Case Packer You Should Know

The speedy development of the packaging industry has skyrocketed the demand for automatic case packers. With numerous benefits that these top-noted automatic case packers provide, including fully automatic, saving costs, and high working efficiency, they are becoming indispensable assistants in the packaging industry. If you are in the market to find the best automatic case packer, you are in the right place since we will recommend you one of the most trustworthy case packer manufacturers. 


What Are Automatic Case Packers?

An automatic case packer is a state-of-the-art robot that combines advanced technology with precise motion control systems to sort and place desirable products into certain boxes accurately. In addition, it serves as an automatic assistant to help human employees seal and pack food, medicine, and cosmetics at a fast speed without errors.


Automatic case packers come up with two common forms that don't have too many disparities from each other, but you can distinguish them from the following aspects:

üVertical Case Packer: the ready-to-box products are placed inside the packaging from the above.

üHorizontal Case Packer: products are correctly packaged by sliding them in from the side.


Pharmapack Launches New Case Packer Machine ALFC-04S 

One of the best case packer manufacturers, Pharmapack, launches a new automatic case packer, ALFC-04S, under rigorous R&D and meticulous preparation. ALFC-04S is a vertical case packer that can automatically put products into vertical cartons without much human intervention. And we will guide you through some crucial specifications of this automatic case packer. 


Top Technical Parameters of ALFC-04S Automatic Case Packer

The following are some main technical parameters of this outstanding automatic case packer:

üMax speed: 5 cases/min

üSuitable case size: 400-700mm(L) *200-400 mm (W)*170-200 mm(H)

üMachine size: 6200mm(L)*2600mm(W)*2700 mm(H)

üPower supply: AC380V-400V, 50/60Hz

üPower consumption: 8KW


The above data about the ALFC-04S automatic case packer shows that this machine is suitable for different box packaging sizes with a higher packaging speed. Moreover, it will only take up a little space and spend more electricity since it is designed in a relatively smaller shape and has power-saving modes.


5 Main Structures and Its Aims of ALFC-04S

ALFC-04S is a trustworthy case packer machine that will never disappoint you. And it comes with 5 essential structures to achieve accurate and fast packaging. The following are the main structures of the ALFC-04S automatic case packer and their essential aims.


1. Box Feeding System

This system is dedicated to carton feeding with the following working principle and selling points.


Working principle

üStep 1: Put the unopened cartons upright and store them in the carton conveying belt.

üStep 2: Use the pneumatic box feeding method to facilitate the movement of cartons.

üStep 3: As the front cartons are consumed, the cylinder drives the one-way feeding device to step-feed the rear cartons into the front, thereby achieving accurate feeding.



üPrecise delivery of cartons without errors.

üOur automatic case packer has a unique suction cup that can cover all lengths of cartons and correctly suck cartons while reducing the risks of damage. 

üSound and light alarms are available when there are no cartons in the hopper or the case packer machine malfunctions. 


2. Arrange Cartons

This system is used for the orderly arrangement of products that will be put in cartons later. And it has the following main steps:

üAll incoming materials and products are stacked according to the specification of wrapping after boxing.

üAll cartons are placed as NXN arrangements.

üBy using cylinder pushing, our machine can arrange cartons at a fast speed to meet the requirements of boxing speed.


3. Unpacking Device

This system is used for the opening of cartons. And it has the following working principles and selling points.


Working principle

üStep 1: Use a telescoping device not only to ensure the lid of the carton is fully open but also to guarantee the carton is in the right place.

üStep 2: The sealing lever is configured to close the lid of the carton in the correct manner.

üStep 3: Once the carton is sealed, the tape is applied to seal the carton.



üThe device is compact, with a drive unit mounted behind the back panel.

üIt is easy and safe for people to access the operator's stations. 

üIt is effortless for people to clean the debris and dust off the device. 

üIt is easy to adjust the operation parameters and quickly switch between different product specifications. 


4. Packing Device

This device is designed to grip the materials and fill them into cartons materials, which has the following merits:

üThe flexible suction cup mechanism ensures accurate loading. 

üThe automatic case packer will use clamps to catch heavy products. And it is achieved by the situation where the clamps protect the two sides and the middle suction nozzle grips.

üA large suction nozzle structure ensures the smooth gripping of products.


5. Sealing Device

This design is used for the final sealing of the product after filling with the following pros:

üIt adopts a folding action mechanism to avoid damaging box edges.

üIt utilizes a large-diameter transparent tape ring to reduce replacement times, thereby saving the total cost. 


Top Benefits of Using ALFC-04S Automatic Case Packer

As aforementioned, this automatic case packer has 5 main structures and systems to ensure automation and efficiency of packaging. Besides that, here are also some main benefits of using the advanced automatic case packer:

lAll-in-one automatic case packer machine to provide orderly packaging.

lThe neat arrangement of cartons fastens the packaging speed. 

lThe hopper has a large volume to prepare all materials, and the machine is easy to adjust and replace the materials it needs.

lIt can satisfy any packaging requirements with its unique gripping structure. 

lThe touchable screen enlightens the user experience to much extent.

lThe frame is produced of stainless steel, making it becomes durable and beautiful.

lThe whole machine uses imported electrical and certificated components to guarantee high performance. 


Pharmapack: Your Reliable Case Packer Provider

Established in 2002, Pharmapack is an expert in developing types of intelligent packaging machines to enhance working efficiency and decrease total operation costs. During the past few decades, our smart bottle packaging lines, automatic inspection packaging lines, and automatic case packers have been popularly sold to many countries and have gained worldwide appreciation. You can rest assured of our strength in R&D, and we will satisfy your demands with specific demands with patience. Therefore, please contact us now if you are interested in our advanced case packer machines.

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