The Working Principle of All-in-One Machine with Counting and Capping

As an important part of medicine, pharmaceutical packaging is the extension of medicine. Packaging production lines in the pharmaceutical industry mainly involve bottle unscrambling, tablets counting, capping, sealing and labeling. Each step is very important and affects the safety and efficiency of drug production, among them, counting and capping are key to drug manufacturing.

Counting and capping are two independent processes during pharmaceutical packaging. Pharmapack has developed and designed a monoblock machine which can integrate counting and capping into one machine to counting, filling and capping efficiently and automatically.


This machine is tailored for the counting and filling of special medicine such as easy contaminated, moisture-prone, toxic and corrosive drugs. It creates a relatively clean environment by using aseptic isolation hood and negative pressure generated by the exhaust system to avoid external pollution and contact with operators. Dust removal, debris detection and removal of defective products can also be carried out to ensure the safety and accuracy of drug packaging in the process of operation. It is suitable for packing soft, hard capsules, transparent capsules, tablets, pills and other solid capsules.

Working Principle

Bottles enter the star wheel via the conveyor belt. Each work station at the star wheel has different functions, implementing sachet/cotton inserting, tablet counting, capping, etc. The counting head adopts the cooperation of electronic and mechanical device to count tablets, then a certain amount of tablet will be filled into bottles. After being filling, bottles are delivered forward via star wheel. And caps are lifted from the hopper to the sorting turntable via the elevator, then they are sent out at a specific direction and flow into the cap chute to the outlet. When bottles come in, caps will send out for cap screw-on. Controlled by the servo motor, the capping head is going down as the declining of the capping shaft. After capping, bottles will move to the detection system. Missing caps, cross caps, misaligned caps, no foils will be rejected.


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