What is the desiccant inserter?

The  desiccant inserter is an automated machine used to put the desiccant into the desired space or container. Desiccant It can be used to absorb moisture, remove moisture and reduce humidity, thus protecting the product from moisture and spoilage. Common desiccants include silica gel, activated carbon, zeolite, etc., which can be used in bags or cans, and put in  desiccant inserters when needed. Let's to get more information about the working principle and structural characteristics of the solid desiccant inserter machine LFIS-30D

The  desiccant inserter

How it works:
Manually load the product into the hopper of the hoist, the hoist automatically feeds the materials into the turntable, and sends the materials to the channel in an orderly manner through the turntable, and there is an escapement at the end of the channel, which can put the materials down one by one; The bottle enters the star wheel from the conveyor belt, which is positioned by the star wheel, and when the bottle is detected to reach the position, the material automatically falls into the bottle. Multiple desiccant capsules per bottle are available

The Desiccant Inserter Working Principle

Structural features:
1. elevator
Materials are transferred to the material handling turntable by the elevator; large floor-mounted cover storage bin with large capacity, no need to make up materials frequently
2. Turntable
The material turntable rotates to organize the messy materials into a neat and orderly arrangement at the outlet
3. Blanking track
When only half of the material on the track is left, the electric eye in the track will transmit a signal to the material turntable, and after receiving the instruction, the products in the material turntable will fall neatly and orderly along the material outlet to the track
4. Positioning star wheel
When the star wheel drives the bottle to the bottling position, the escapement action once, the material accurately falls into the bottle, and the star wheel automatically changes the bottle after filling according to demand.
The specific parameters of LFIS-30D can refer to the technical parameters
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