Capping machine Use a rotary capping machine to improve production efficiency!

Capping machine: Use a rotary capping machine to improve production efficiency!

The rotary capping machine is an automated packaging machine widely used in fields such as food, medicine, cosmetics, and daily chemicals. By using a rotary capping machine, accurate tightening of bottle caps can be achieved, ensuring product quality and shelf life, shortening production time, reducing manufacturing costs, improving production efficiency, and achieving efficient and accurate production and operation goals for enterprises. Therefore, in its widespread application, the rotary capping machine has become one of the indispensable and important equipment in industrial automation production.

The capping machine can achieve automatic capping by rotating the lid. Capping machines can be divided into linear capping machines and rotary capping machines due to their rotation mode.

The linear capping machine uses linear motion and swing arm operation to transport bottles from the production line to the capping area, then tightly screw the lid into the bottle mouth, and finally return to the production line. This type of machine is usually suitable for smaller production lines.

The rotary capping machine transfers bottles to the capping position by rotating the feeding plate, and then performs high-speed and stable capping operations through equipment such as star wheels, swing arms, and lid supply machines. This method is suitable for a large number of production lines and can achieve high-speed and robust motion control.

Rotary capping machine ALFCR-2510M-01 (servo capping)


The working principle of the rotary capping machine:

In the previous process, the bottle body filled with materials will be fed into the bottle feeding screw mechanism through a conveyor belt, and then accurately enter the bottle feeding star wheel; At the same time, the bottle cap is lifted from the storage bin to the capping mechanism by a lifting machine, automatically sorting out the bottle cap in the specified direction, feeding it into the bottle cap slide and entering the capping star wheel. After being grabbed by the capping heads of each capping shaft on the host cam mechanism, as the capping shaft descends, the bottle cap is gradually placed on the bottle mouth and enters the main star wheel for capping. By adjusting the size of the gap between the upper and lower magnetic plates, the torque is controlled to meet the customer's requirements and ensure that the rotating cover is just right. The bottle body with the cap screwed on is transported to the conveyor belt through the bottle discharge star wheel. After the inspection and removal mechanism detects no errors (no cap, no aluminum foil, or poor cap rotation), the cap rotation is completed and the next process begins.

Different torque controllers for capping heads are applied in different industries and products to meet the needs of capping:

 Famaga torque controller:

By controlling the torque of the rotating cover through the magnetic block of the rotating cover shaft sleeve, the torque size can be adjusted. When the torque reaches the set requirements, the rotating cover head will slip, ensuring the accuracy of the rotating cover and meeting the customer's basic torque requirements.

Commonly used for rotating caps on pharmaceutical bottles.

German Mayer torque controller:

Limit the torque to 1.5-3Nm.

Permanent magnet, hysteresis clutch and brake, precise torque limitation, non-contact torque transmission, wear resistance and maintenance free, load holding.

Commonly used for cosmetics or pressure spinning caps with high torque range requirements.

Servo torque controller:

The torque value can be accurate to 0.01N. M;

Each capping head is controlled by a separate servo motor,

Each servo motor has a separate chip control,

The motor drives the cover spindle through a transmission belt,

The servo control of the capping head can be achieved by setting the torque value to start and stop or "brake". Ensure that each bottle after capping is within the required accuracy range,

Used for eye drops with high torque accuracy requirements, especially in medicine.

Advantages of Famaga rotary capping machine:

1. High efficiency: Rotary capping machine ALFCR-2510M-01, with a maximum bottle rotation speed of 250 bottles per minute!

2. Easy to operate: The entire machine is controlled by PLC, and can be operated by directly clicking on the menu through the touch screen, making performance parameter adjustment convenient; Small size components, convenient and fast mold replacement, more convenient for repair and maintenance; Automatic fault diagnosis, comprehensive real-time sound and light alarm and display system; Automatic fault diagnosis, comprehensive real-time sound and light alarm and display system;

3. High quality: The outer frame of the body is made of stainless steel AISI304 material, which meets GMP requirements; The main motor adopts German SEW variable frequency stepless speed regulation motor, with stable overall performance, accurate capping, high qualification rate, and high efficiency;

4. Multi functional: Our capping machine is not only suitable for bottles of various shapes and sizes, but also capable of processing various capping specifications. Therefore, our capping machine can meet the personalized needs of different customers.

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