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Automatic Case Packer machine is an automated packaging mechanical equipment mainly used for automatic packing, sealing, coding, labeling, and other operations of items of different shapes and sizes. It can effectively improve packaging efficiency and reduce labor costs. Automatic Case Packer machines are usually composed of conveyor belts, identification systems, clamping devices, hot melt adhesive spraying systems, etc. They can handle various types of packaging boxes, such as paper boxes, plastic boxes, glass boxes, etc. It is widely used in industries such as food, medicine, cosmetics, electronics, toys, etc.

pppharmapack Case Packer machines include vertical automatic Case Packer machines and horizontal automatic Case Packer machines. Vertical automatic Case Packer machines can also be divided into open-box turret type vertical automatic Case Packer machines, such as ALFC-04S-01, and open-box side pull type automatic Case Packer machines, such as ALFC-04S-02

Open box turret type vertical automatic boxing machine ALFC-04S-01


Open box turret type vertical automatic Case Packer machine ALFC-04S-01

Performance characteristics of vertical automatic boxing machine:

1) The form of an integrated machine for unpacking and packing, with a compact and beautiful structure, and a reserved scanning station;

2) The boxes are arranged and arranged in a stacked manner before packing, making it easy for the backend to pack and improving speed;

3) The silo has a large volume, avoids frequent loading, is easy to adjust, and can achieve quick replacement;

The working axis grabbing structure is flexible and suitable for packing requirements;

4) The control panel is a touch screen display operation interface;

5) It is possible to increase the number of institutional placement barriers, as well as the printing of certificates and codes; (Optional)

6) Servo clamping segmented box feeding, convenient for tail box conveying.

Structural characteristics of automatic Case Packer machines ALFC-04S-01 and ALFC-04S-02

Carton silo

1. Carton feeding system - Folding unopened cardboard boxes vertically stacked and stored in the carton conveying section; Adopting pneumatic stepper feeding for box feeding; As the front cardboard box is consumed, the cylinder drives a one-way feeding device to feed the rear cardboard box in a step-by-step manner, ensuring accurate feeding;

2. The cardboard boxes are extracted by suction cups. The suction cup can cover the entire length of the cardboard box and is equipped with a protective cover. Make the extraction more accurate and have a smaller tendency to damage the suction cups compared to regular systems.

Unpacking mechanism

(1) Carton opening device - a retractable device is used to ensure that the lid is fully opened and the carton is square.

(2) The configured sealing rod closes the lower cardboard box cover in the correct way. After the cardboard box is sealed, the box is sealed with tape.

(3) The packing machine has a simple and compact structure, and the drive device is installed behind the back panel. The equipment is equipped with safety doors to make it easier for operators to enter various workstations and clean debris and dust.

(4) Easy to adjust operating parameters and quickly switch between different product specifications. Different product specification parameters can be set and stored for flexible calling.

Open box side pull automatic packing machine ALFC-04S-02


Open box side pull automatic Case Packer machine ALFC-04S-02

 Horizontal automatic packing machine LFC-04


Horizontal automatic Case Packer machine LFC-04


Performance characteristics:

1) The form of an all-in-one machine for unpacking and packing, with a small footprint;

2) The boxes are arranged and arranged in a stacked manner before packing, making it easy for the backend to pack and improving speed;

3) The silo is easy to adjust and can be quickly replaced;

4) The control panel is a touch screen display operation interface;

5) It is possible to add institutional placement barriers and certificates of conformity.

Carton silo

The function of the cardboard bin is to store and supply unopened cardboard boxes, so that the opening suction cup can smoothly draw the cardboard boxes from it. The cardboard bin can adjust the width of the conveyor belt and the height of the channel along the width and height direction according to the size of the cardboard box specifications; By sensing the stock of cardboard boxes through sensors and using a conveyor belt driven by a motor to continuously supply the boxes, the cardboard boxes are driven upwards to meet the suction requirements.

The positions of the cardboard bin and the opening suction cup remain unchanged, ensuring that their relative positions remain unchanged, so the position of each opening does not change.

Unpacking mechanism

Adopting a retractable device ensures that the box lid is fully opened and the cardboard box is square.

Material conveying and sorting mechanism

The small boxes are transported to the inside of the machine through conveyor belts, and arranged neatly according to the packing requirements by the sorting mechanism, waiting to be transported to the packing station.

Packing mechanism

After the box is formed, it is placed at the cardboard box loading station. At this time, there are sealing baffles and sealing levers to seal both sides of the box. The push rod pushes the product into the box according to the specified specifications. After the box is packed, it is transported to the tape sealing station.

Sealing mechanism

Adopting a folding action mechanism to prevent damage to the edges of the box;

Large diameter box sealing adhesive ring, less replacement times, saving time.


Automatic Case Packer machines are widely used in various industries, especially in pharmaceutical enterprises. Automatic Case Packer machines can minimize time and labor costs, thereby improving production efficiency. Automatic Case Packer machines can reduce manual intervention, thereby avoiding errors and losses caused by human factors, and improving the stability and reliability of product quality. By reducing labor costs while improving production efficiency and product quality, pharmaceutical companies can focus more on innovation and development.

The above is a detailed introduction to the performance and structural characteristics of the three automatic Case Packer machines of pppharmapack. You can make reasonable choices based on the nature of the goods you need to package. It should be noted that the packaging speed of the above three machines is 4 boxes/minute. In addition, other relevant parameters of the automatic Case Packer machine, such as volume, weight, power, applicable body size, etc., can be found on the pppharmapack official website for more information! Finally, if you want to learn about pppharmapack intelligent devices, please contact us!

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