Pharmapack stick packing machine for flexible packaging intelligent production line - designed and manufactured for stick pack production line

The stick packing machine is an efficient and advanced equipment, which is specially designed and manufactured for the stick packing production line. It integrates multiple functions such as online bag making, countering, filling and forming and sealing, and can handle various liquid and paste products, whether it is food or health care products.

 stick packing machine

Taking the Pharmapack single-row liquid  stick packing machine LFVS-01P as an example, the working principle of the  stick packing machine: During the working process of the  stick packing machine, the servo motor drives the ceramic pump to realize the countering and filling, and then the packaging film is formed, longitudinally sealed, and horizontally sealed. Sealing, easy opening and bag cutting and other processes, and finally complete the packaging process of the entire stick product. This automatic working method makes the strip packing machine have extremely high efficiency and accuracy on the production line.


Stick packing machine have many advantages over traditional packaging equipment. First of all, it adopts an advanced industrial computer control system and is equipped with a touch screen interface, which is easy and intuitive to operate. Just click the menu to adjust the parameters, which greatly improves the convenience of operation.


Secondly, the stick packing machine is equipped with a high-precision I-Mark remote control and servo drive to ensure the accuracy and stability of the packaging. This precise control technology not only ensures the quality of the product, but also effectively reduces noise interference and improves the comfort of the production environment.


Moreover, the key components of the strip packing machine are all made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum, which meet the environmental requirements of GMP. The application of this high-quality material makes the machine anti-corrosion and non-polluting, which can ensure the hygienic safety of the product.


In addition, all system control components of the strip packing machine have passed the international standardization certification, and have passed strict factory inspection and testing. These high-quality components ensure the reliability and stability of various functions of the equipment, thereby effectively reducing the failure rate and maintenance costs.


In order to further strengthen the safety, various safety devices are installed inside stick packing machine. Whether a door is opened or a line is disconnected, the device will automatically sound an alarm to alert staff. In addition, stick packing machine also has the function of working status and fault reminder, which makes operation and maintenance more convenient and safe.


Choosing a stick packing machine will make full use of scientific and technological strength to improve production efficiency and ensure product quality, so that your company will be in a leading position in the market competition. It can not only improve the efficiency of the production line, but also enhance the competitiveness of products.


To sum up, stick packing machine is a kind of modern equipment, which plays an important role in stick packing production line. Its high efficiency, accuracy, ease of operation and safety enable enterprises to more effectively increase production capacity, optimize product quality, and stand out in the fierce market competition. By choosing stick packing machine that suits your needs, you will lay a solid foundation for the development of your business. If you want to know more series of Pharmapack stick packing machine, please click on the official website of Pharmapack!

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