Pharmapack: Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy in Pharmaceutical Packaging with Unscrambler Solutions

In the pharmaceutical packaging industry, efficiency and accuracy are of utmost importance. One key component that plays a crucial role in achieving these goals is the unscrambler. Unscrambler suppliers provide essential machinery that significantly improves the efficiency of pharmaceutical packaging processes.


An unscrambler is a specialized device that sorts and arranges various types of containers, such as bottles, vials, or tubes, in an orderly manner. It ensures that the containers are properly positioned and oriented before entering the packaging line. Here are some reasons why unscramblers are vital in the pharmaceutical packaging industry:

Pharmapack bottle unscrambler has a good reputation in the pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry, because we provide the highest quality products for pharmaceutical packaging users. Our bottle unscrambler automates the container feeding process, eliminating the need for manual sorting and arrangement, which improves work efficiency. Bottle unscramblers ensure the correct alignment and orientation of containers, which is critical for accurate filling, capping and labeling processes, resulting in a dramatic increase in the accuracy and quality of sorted bottles. By automating the process of sorting and arranging containers, the Unscrambler significantly reduces the need for manual labor. Pharmapack also offers bottle unscramblers in a variety of models and configurations to accommodate different container sizes, shapes and materials.

Let me introduce several high-quality bottle unscramblers of Pharmapack:

1LFUT-08/12 Turntable unscrambler,Max. Speed10RPM

LFUT-08/12 Turntable unscrambler  is applicable to the automatic sorting and range for durable round bottle, which is mainly used in pharmaceutical, healthy care, foodstuff and other industries.


Easy machine operation, installation, transportation, low maintenance, and convenient remove, etc. The machine’s speed is adjustable and have bottle –infeed and bottle accumulation functions to meet customer’s various requirements.


The turntable unscrambler can be joined with Automatic electric/capsule counter, Capper, Sealer, Labeler, and cartoner to accumulating to a complete packaging line. It also can be used with other industry machines.

LFUT-08/12 Turntable unscrambler


2、LFU-25C High speed bottle unscramblerMax. Output250 bottles/min

The unscrambler LFU-25C is a reliable, high performance machine, designed in conformance with current and proposed GMPs. Having a small footprint due to compact design, it is effective in maintaining the integrity of a clean room environment. Few change parts are needed for different bottle sizes (only the pre-sorter disc), and change parts are easy to dismantle and assemble, which ensures rapid size changeover and reduces the changeover downtime.

LFU-25C High speed bottle unscrambler


3LFU-40C High-Speed Bottle UnscramblerHigh speed up to 400 bottles per min

LFU-40C is an automatic bottle unscrambler machine designed for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food industries specifically.

Suitable for use in cylindrical, oval, and rectangular plastic bottles with a height between 45~150 mm and outside diameters of 20~105 mm, too large, too small, and not resistant to impact bottles (such as glass bottles) are not suitable for this machine. In practical applications, PU-40C usually use with other machines, such as automatic counting machines and other filling counting devices.

LFU-40C High-Speed Bottle Unscrambler


In conclusion, unscrambler play a vital role in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Unscramblers improve efficiency, accuracy, and quality while reducing labor costs. They offer flexibility, versatility, and compliance with regulatory standards. By investing in reliable unscrambler machinery, pharmaceutical manufacturers can optimize their packaging processes and meet the increasing demands of the market.

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