Pharmapack Automatic inspection machine: advanced technology to ensure quality in the pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring the quality and safety of medicines is crucial. To meet this demand, pharmaceutical companies require efficient and accurate testing equipment to ensure that products meet standards. As an advanced piece of equipment, Pharmapack Automatic inspection machines are highly respected for their high-quality inspection capabilities and excellent performance. Below, the editor of Pharmapack will introduce the continuous fully automatic light inspection machine in detail and discuss its key features and advantages.

Pharmapack LFIM-72 Continuous Inspection Machine 

1. Functions and characteristics of Pharmapack Automatic inspection machines

1.1 Wide range of detection: This automatic detection machine is suitable for a variety of liquid preparations, such as vials, ampoules, eye drops, injections and oral liquid bottles, etc. It can detect defects in the liquid level, bottle body and cap, as well as impurities in the bottle, such as glass, aluminum shavings, hair, fibers and other precipitated and suspended impurities.

1.2 Efficient image transmission and processing system: The Pharmapack Automatic inspection machine uses imported cameras and image transmission and processing systems to ensure the high speed and accuracy of the inspection process. The camera has a high shooting speed of up to 330 frames per second, enabling high-speed and high-definition sampling photography. The image transmission system uses Gigabit network cards imported from Germany to achieve high-speed lossless transmission and ensure real-time transmission and timely processing of data.

1.3 Advanced visual inspection operating system: The Pharmapack Automatic inspection machine is equipped with three software, including configuration software, liquid level capping detection software and CameraConfigTool. The configuration software is used to control machine operation, the liquid level capping detection software is used to detect liquid level and cap defects, and the CameraConfigTool is used to detect impurities and bottles. This comprehensive operating system fully meets the testing needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

2. Advantages of Pharmapack Automatic inspection machines

2.1 High-quality detection capabilities: The automatic detection machine uses imported cameras and image transmission and processing systems, which can accurately detect problems such as bottles, bottle caps, and impurities inside the bottles. High-speed and high-definition sampling photos can clearly show the appearance defects such as bottle caps and foreign objects in the bottle, ensuring the quality and safety of the product.

2.2 Advanced image processing technology: The Pharmapack Automatic inspection machine adopts parallel processing technology, and each camera is equipped with a high-speed DSP image processing system at the back end. This advanced processing method gets rid of the speed bottleneck of the traditional industrial computer serial processing system and greatly improves the speed and efficiency of data processing.

2.3 Precise adjustment mechanism: The Pharmapack Automatic inspection machine uses the German ELESA digital display to adjust the camera position, which can be accurately adjusted up and down, front and back, and at different angles. This adjustment mechanism is convenient and fast, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the detection process.

3. Application of Pharmapack Automatic inspection machines in the pharmaceutical industry

As a kind of equipment specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry, the Pharmapack Automatic inspection machine is widely used in the automatic inspection process of liquid preparations. It can help pharmaceutical companies improve product quality and safety and reduce the cost and risk of manual testing.

3.1 Improve detection efficiency: The automatic detection machine’s high-speed high-definition sampling photography and advanced image processing technology can achieve fast and accurate detection results. Compared with traditional manual inspection methods, Pharmapack Automatic inspection machines can greatly improve inspection efficiency and save time and labor costs.

3.2 Ensure product quality and safety: The Pharmapack Automatic inspection machine can comprehensively detect issues such as liquid level, bottle body, bottle cap, and impurities in the bottle to ensure that the product meets quality standards. It can effectively identify the appearance defects of the bottle cap and foreign matter in the bottle, ensuring the quality and safety of the product.

3.3 Reduce human errors: The automatic detection machine reduces the impact of human factors on the detection results through the automated detection process. It provides accurate and consistent detection results, reducing the incidence of human error.

As an advanced equipment, the automatic detection machine has high-quality detection capabilities and excellent performance, providing important support to the pharmaceutical industry. It can help pharmaceutical companies improve product quality and safety, improve testing efficiency, and reduce labor costs and risks. With the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, Pharmapack Automatic inspection machines will play a more important role in the future and contribute to the progress and development of the industry.

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