A powerful tool to improve drug quality control: the important role of automatic inspection machines

What is a automatic inspection machine?

During the production and filling process of liquid preparations in plastic bottles and glass bottles, impurities may be mixed into the pharmaceuticals. Impurities generally include glass, cilia, metal shavings, etc. The inspection machine is an indispensable testing equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. It can detect impurities and appearance of pharmaceuticals to avoid contamination of the product in the container or reduction of the active drug efficacy of the solution in the container.

A powerful tool to improve drug quality control: the important role of automatic inspection machines


The necessity of calibration of automatic inspection machines

Due to the disadvantages of manual inspection, such as low inspection efficiency, high vision requirements for inspectors, and personal deviations in inspection standards, current manual inspection has been gradually replaced by automatic inspection machines, and manual inspection Cooperating with a automatic inspection machine for quality control, it has the characteristics of automation, low missed detection rate, high detection efficiency, and good stability. Therefore, visual inspection is an indispensable part of quality control in the back-end packaging process of the pharmaceutical industry.

How does Pharmapack's automatic inspection machine ensure the quality of inspection?

Pharmapack's automatic inspection machine uses today's most advanced German and American imported cameras (the maximum shooting speed can reach 330 frames/second) to take photos and inspections of inspection products. The number of frames per unit of inspected products can reach 30. -40 frames/bottle, high-speed and high-definition sampling and photography, making it possible to see all appearance defects such as bottle caps and foreign objects in the bottle, and almost perfectly control the error rate of lamp detection.

In addition, the machine uses the German ELESA digital display to adjust the camera position, which can be accurately adjusted up and down, front and back, and at different angles. The operation is convenient and fast, and the inspection quality is efficiently guaranteed.

Product Innovation of Pharmapack Inspection Machine

The representative models of Pharmapack inspection machines are LFIM-48 and LFIM-72. These two models have innovative structures:

1. The electronic control part is placed upward and the whole machine is designed in an integrated manner, which effectively saves the working space and avoids the hidden danger of damage to the electronic control part due to water cleaning;

Product Innovation of Pharmapack Inspection Machine


2. The establishment of the bottle bottom detection station. If the bottle has cracks, it will be automatically rejected before entering the main turret to prevent leakage or broken bottles after entering the main turret. This is one of the innovations to prevent broken bottles in the turret. lift;

3. The operating platform is designed according to the sealing process (IP55 compliance), so that even if bottles are broken during work, there is no liquid leakage, ensuring that parts will not be damaged due to liquid leakage, and that operators can operate safely Quickly clean up the site; greatly reducing cleaning time, thus improving work efficiency and product quality;

4. Precision spindle suspension structure ensures accurate and stable operation of the whole machine.

The two models jointly innovate in terms of structure, but there are also differences, mainly in their maximum production speed and adaptability to bottle shapes. LFIM-72 is suitable for bottle diameters of 5-20mm, while LFIM-48 is suitable for bottles of 10-36mm. The two models have more advantages and can satisfy you. medical testing needs. For more details about inspection machines, you can learn about our inspection machine products. Click to learn more about the product details of inspection machines and choose the inspection products that can meet your needs.

Pharmapack's automatic inspection machine

Pharmapack's automatic inspection machine has been proven to have good stability in actual production, thus greatly improving the accuracy and efficiency of inspection and saving costs. Therefore, it has become an inevitable trend to replace manual inspection with automatic inspection machines. Welcome to consult Pharmapack to learn more about pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment!

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