"Innovators in the field of automatic packaging machines: PHARMAPACK's intelligent packaging line"

1. What is an automatic packaging machine?

Automatic packaging machine is one of the indispensable equipment in modern industrial production. It can automatically complete a variety of packaging processes according to needs, such as metering, filling, bag making, sealing, cutting, conveying, printing batch numbers, and easy-tear settings , no material warning and material stirring, etc. This kind of machine is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, seed and other industries, and can package various forms of materials such as granules, tablets, liquids, powders and pastes.

2. Industry-leading packaging machine manufacturer: PHARMAPACK

PHARMAPACK is a leading professional packaging machine manufacturer dedicated to providing comprehensive intelligent automated packaging solutions for industries such as medicine, health products, food, daily chemicals and electronic products. The company has launched three series of products: "Smart Bottle Packaging Line", "Smart Inspection Packaging Line" and "Multi-Stick Automatic Packing Machine Line", as well as a variety of supporting stand-alone machines, all equipped with advanced online monitoring, data collection, solid debris real-time Rejection and production identification coding traceability system. These high-tech configurations not only provide solid support for intelligent manufacturing, but also effectively solve industry problems such as long production cycles, high costs, difficult manual quality control, complex on-site management, and difficult information monitoring.

3. What does PHARMAPACKs product line include?

- Smart Bottle Packaging Line: consisting of bottle unscrambler, stuffing machine, grain counting machine, 360 grain counting screen integrated machine, powder filling machine, capping machine, sealing machine, labeling machine, instruction manual labeling machine, and boxing It is composed of machine, cartoning machine, palletizer, etc., and can be equipped with optional online monitoring and data collection systems.


Smart Bottle Packaging Line

- Multi-Stick Automatic Packing Machine Line: suitable for pharmaceutical, health care products, food and other industries. It can realize functions such as automatic counting, arranging, rejecting, merging and cartoning of packages.


Multi-Stick Automatic Packing Machine Line

- Smart Inspection Packaging Line: It consists of light inspection machine, labeling machine, pallet loading machine, continuous cartoning machine, cartoning machine, strapping machine and other equipment.

Smart Inspection Packaging Line

- Back-end intelligent packaging line: including cartoning machine, double-sided corner labeling machine, single-sided labeling machine, three-dimensional wrapping machine, flat labeling machine, automatic cartoning machine, weighing machine, large character inkjet printer, Real-time printing labeling machines and palletizers, etc.

 Back-end intelligent packaging line

- Coding system·Cartoning line traceability system: It consists of a continuous cartoning machine, a box labeling and weighing sequence machine, a semi-automatic cartoning machine and other equipment.


Coding system·Cartoning line traceability system

- Coding system·Bottling line traceability system:

Coding system·Bottling line traceability system

Finally, PHARMAPACK is an excellent packaging machine manufacturer. Through the research and development and manufacturing of its intelligent packaging complete line production system, we not only provide equipment that meets international standards such as GMP and FDA, but also provide network centralized control and online diagnosis required by 21CFR Part11. functions, leading the industry to develop in a new direction of intelligent manufacturing.

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