Pharmapack inspection machine : technological innovation leads the future of the industry

With the rapid development of science and technology, the inspection machine industry has also ushered in unprecedented changes. While many companies are still using traditional industrial computer serial processing systems, Pharmapack has taken the lead in adopting leading parallel processing technology, leading the development of the inspection machine industry with its unique advantages.

1. Current status of the inspection machine industry

Currently, most companies use traditional industrial computer serial processing systems for the inspection equipment. This kind of system has a speed bottleneck, which seriously affects the improvement of data processing speed. However, Paramagnetic has taken a different approach and adopted leading parallel processing technology. Each camera is equipped with a self-developed high-speed DSP image processing system at the back end. It strictly follows the point-to-point processing method and successfully gets rid of the serial processing of traditional industrial computers. The constraints of the system make the leap in data processing speed a reality.

inspection machine industry

2. Analysis of advantages of Pharmapack inspection machine

1. Advanced graphics processing system

The Paramagnetic inspection machine is equipped with our independently developed multi-core DSP graphics processing system, which can perform point-to-point distributed calculations, and its speed and stability far exceed the traditional mode. This advanced graphics processing system gives Pharmapack inspection machine s significant advantages in image processing.

2. Easy to operate

The Paramagnetic inspection machine has a compact structure, and all molds adopt an easy-to-disassemble structure, making the replacement of products of different specifications simple and fast. This design makes it easy for operators to get started and greatly improves work efficiency.

3. Safe and convenient to maintain

The Pharmapack inspection machine adopts reasonable layout and sealing technology, and has excellent waterproof sealing performance, making cleaning and maintenance safer and more convenient. This provides great convenience for equipment maintenance during the production process.

4. High-performance image processing server

The fully automatic inspection machine uses high-speed cameras and high-performance image processing servers to detect visible foreign objects. Each camera is equipped with a high-performance image processing server. Each station can detect up to 37 images, fully ensuring the accuracy and stability of detection. In addition, it can optionally be equipped with an AI vision camera to detect visible foreign objects.

5. Adopt today's most advanced industrial camera (maximum photo speed 300 frames/second).

Each camera station can achieve a shooting frame rate of 30-40 frames/bottle for each bottle, capturing and taking photos at high speed and high definition, so that foreign objects in the bottle as well as external abnormalities such as the bottle body and bottle cap can be seen at a glance.

Pharmapack inspection machine

3. Pharmapack service cases

According to the increasingly diversified market demands, Pharmaja inspection machine provides customers with tailor-made solutions to meet different production requirements. For example, the inspection machine equipment can screen for defective products such as vials, ampoules, eye drops, injections, oral liquid bottles and other liquid preparations, and can detect defects in the liquid level, bottle body, bottle cap and impurities in the bottle. Liquid level detection ensures that the liquid volume meets the standards to avoid insufficient liquid level or overflow that affects product quality; bottle body and cap detection to avoid breakage and deformation; impurity detection in the bottle includes glass, aluminum shavings, hair, fibers, etc. Pharmapack's inspection machine uses meticulous inspection to ensure that product quality reaches high standards, which can greatly limit the flow of defective products into the market. At present, Pharmapack equipment has been sold to more than 30 countries and regions around the world. Hundreds of production lines have been successfully installed at the sites of well-known customers at home and abroad, and the product quality has been highly praised.

Pharmapack inspection machine


4. Conclusion

In general, Pharmapack inspection machine s are ahead of other peers with their efficient processing speed, convenient operation and safe maintenance. In the future development, Pharmapack will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and bring more possibilities to the inspection machine industry.

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