Pharmapack bottle capper machine: How to Improve Efficiency and Quality of Automated Packaging

The traditional capping method relies on manual tightening of bottle caps one by one, which is not only inefficient, but also prone to unscrewed or damaged bottle caps due to operator fatigue or negligence. In contrast, the plastic bottle automatic bottle capper machine can quickly and accurately complete the capping task through preset programs and realize the automated process of bottle feeding, cap sorting, capping, capping, and bottle discharging. The bottle capper machine is an automatic capping equipment specially designed for the bottling production line. It is suitable for tightening the caps of plastic bottles after bottling. It is widely used in pharmaceuticals, health products, food, cosmetics and other industries. By using bottle capper machines, companies can not only improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs, but also ensure product quality and avoid leakage or contamination caused by bottle cap problems, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of products.

The structural advantages of Pharmapack bottle capper machine are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Cap the sample


1. Improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs

1. The equipment is equipped with a floor-standing large cap storage bin with large capacity, which reduces the need for frequent cap replenishment.

2. The use of the servo lifting mechanism allows the operator to easily change production with one click on the touch screen when changing bottle types.

3. When changing the cap type, the servo mechanism can automatically adjust the height of the ring gear and the width of the cap outlet to achieve rapid production change.

4. The turntable cap sorter is designed to be suitable for various special-shaped caps. It adopts dual motor drive and gear plus V-shaped wheel combination transmission structure to effectively increase the speed of cap sorting.

Cap the sample


2. Ensure high quality and precise capping while avoiding damage to bottles and caps.

1. The equipment uses a high-speed rotating turntable to sort out the caps in the specified direction, and uses a special mechanical mechanism to remove the reverse caps to ensure accurate cap sorting and no reverse caps.

2. Provide toothed capping head and three-grip capping head to choose from to adapt to different types of caps.

3. Using servo motor torque controller, the torque value can be accurately controlled.

4. Each capping head is controlled by an independent servo motor and equipped with a separate chip to ensure that each bottle after capping is within the required accuracy range. It is especially suitable for occasions with high requirements for torque accuracy.

5. By setting the torque value, the start, stop or "brake" servo control of the capping head can be realized.

6. The equipment has an automatic detection function, which can promptly reject unqualified products with poor capping, no aluminum foil, and no caps to ensure product quality.

These structural advantages of the Pharmapack bottle capper machine not only improve production efficiency and product quality, but also reduce labor costs, making it an ideal choice for the packaging industry.

Recommended model: Rotary bottle capper machine GLFCR-4016FM-01

GLFCR-4016FM-01 bottle capper machine, as an outstanding product of the Pharmapack bottle capper machine series, is unique in the field of automated packaging with its production efficiency of up to 400 bottles/minute. The significant advantages of this model are:

1. The structural layout under the minimalist design concept reduces the number of dimensional components, making mold replacement extremely convenient, and also greatly facilitates daily maintenance work. This design concept has been favored and respected by many companies.

2. The capping head adopts advanced servo drive technology and combined with an intuitive touch screen operation interface, the operator can easily adjust various parameters to achieve precise control of the capping torque. This function not only ensures a high qualification rate for capping, but also minimizes operating noise, creating a quieter and more efficient production environment for users.

Pharmapack bottle capper machine GLFCR-4016FM-01



With its excellent performance, Pharmapack bottle capper machine has become a model of high-end packaging solutions on the market, and is the first choice for enterprises that pursue high quality and efficient production. If you have any needs for bottle capper machines or related packaging machines, please contact us!

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