Cotton inserter machine: efficient automation solution

In today's fast-paced society, automation equipment has become the key to improving efficiency and reducing costs in many industries. In the pharmaceutical, health care products and food industries, the cotton inserter machine is a specially designed automation equipment that can automatically put cotton into bottles and achieve fully automated operation, thus greatly reducing labor costs and losses caused by human factors.

Cotton inserter machine: efficient automation solution


The working process of cotton inserter machine:

1. After manually loading cotton into the cotton feeding device, start the equipment.

2. The cotton feeding device automatically feeds the cotton to the cotton tearing roller.

3. When the cotton reaches the set length, the length-fixing device clamps it, and the cotton tearing roller tears the cotton.

4. The torn cotton is fed into the limiting guide groove.

5. When the turntable sends the cotton tube to the cotton stuffing station, the lower cotton stuffing cylinder stuffs cotton into the tube from the guide groove.

6. The turntable automatically sends the conduit to the next station. When it reaches the bottle mouth, the cotton stuffing cylinder will stuff the cotton in the conduit into the bottle.

7. The equipment automatically places the bottle in the correct position and plugs the previous bottle with cotton twice to prevent the cotton from exceeding the bottle mouth.

8. The number of times each bottle of cotton is stuffed can be set as needed.

 Performance advantages of Pharmapack cotton plugging machine LFIC-20:

The maximum production speed of Pharmapack cotton inserter machine LFIC-20 is 200 bottles per minute, which meets the high production needs of enterprises, saves enterprises a lot of labor costs, improves production efficiency, and reduces losses caused by human factors. Its performance advantages include the following:

It has a compact structure and beautiful appearance, making it easy to use and maintain. It uses a programmable controller PLC for control and a Chinese interface touch screen, making the operation easy to learn and understand. Cylinders are used for cotton feeding and length setting, ensuring the accuracy of the cotton tearing length.

In addition, the multi-directional electric eye detection function ensures that all cotton is stuffed into the bottle, achieving the goal of no cotton and no bottles. The station turntable is individually controlled by a servo and has precise positioning to ensure that the cotton is accurately stuffed into the bottle. Using Japanese SMC cylinder plug, the action is crisp, accurate and reliable.

Users can set the length of the plug according to process requirements, with the length ranging from 80 to 160mm. It has secondary cotton plugging and cotton super-height detection functions to ensure that bottles with all the cotton stuffed into the bottle or the cotton exceeds the height of the bottle mouth will not flow into the next process. The design of the liftable rack makes it suitable for bottles of different heights.

The entire machine is made of stainless steel and other materials that comply with GMP requirements, ensuring the durability and hygiene of the machine. In addition, it can be used in single machine or multi-machine wiring to meet different production needs.

Cotton inserter machine: efficient automation solution


In short, as an efficient and highly automated equipment, the cotton inserter machine has become an indispensable part of the pharmaceutical, health care products and food industries. With the continuous advancement of technology and the growing market demand, Pharmapack will continue to be committed to innovating and optimizing cotton plugging machine technology to meet the needs of customers in different industries and provide strong support for customers' business growth and competitiveness improvement.

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