Application and advantages of automatic pouch packing machine in modern packaging industry

In the modern packaging industry, automatic pouch packing machine, as an efficient and automated packaging equipment, are being adopted by more and more companies. The automatic pouch packing machine not only improves packaging efficiency, but also ensures packaging accuracy and consistency, thereby meeting the packaging needs of different industries and products. This article will introduce the basic concepts of the bagging machine, applicable industries and products, as well as the characteristics of the Pharmapack automatic pouch packing machine.


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1. Basic concepts of automatic pouch packing machine

The automatic pouch packing machine is a mechanical equipment used to produce strip packaging bags. It can automatically complete a series of packaging processes such as bag making, filling, and sealing. This kind of machine usually consists of a control system, a filling system, a sealing system and a driving system. It can adapt to different packaging materials and product characteristics to achieve customized packaging.

Medicine package


2. Applicable industries and products for automatic pouch packing machine

The automatic pouch packing machine is a versatile and adaptable piece of packaging equipment that is suitable for a variety of industries and product types. Here are some of the major industries and products:

Food industry: tea, coffee, condiments, candy, milk powder, etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: vitamins, health products, medical supplies, etc.

Agricultural industry: granular fertilizers, seeds, etc.

Chemical industry: powdered chemicals.

Daily necessities industry: shampoo, shower gel, facial mask, etc.

Beverage industry: beverage powder, etc.

Tobacco industry: tobacco, shredded tobacco, etc.

The applicability of automatic pouch packing machines is very wide and is not limited to the above-mentioned industries and products. It can be adjusted and customized accordingly according to different product characteristics and packaging requirements to meet various packaging needs.

Medicine package


3. Characteristics of Pharmapack automatic pouch packing machine-ALFVS-10S

1. High-precision loading: Pharmapack automatic pouch packing machine adopts advanced I-Mark remote control and servo driver to ensure the accuracy of loading within ±5%, while reducing the noise when the machine is running.

2. Easy to operate: The front end of the machine adopts an embedded design, with independent modules and spacious space, making it easy to operate and maintain. The touch screen controls multiple laser coding equipment to simplify the operation process.

3. Dust recovery system: Recover dusty materials through vacuum to reduce bag clamping and improve sealing.

4. Vibration blanking: Festo high-frequency vibration cylinder is used to increase the blanking speed and prevent material bridge blockage.

5. Servo correction: It has the automatic correction function of the film roll, and the correction parameters can be adjusted on the touch screen as needed.

6. Safety guarantee: The machine has a variety of built-in safety devices to ensure safe operation.

automatic pouch packing machine

In summary, as a highly automated and widely used packaging machine, the automatic pouch packing machine has become the core equipment on the packaging lines of many industries. With its excellent performance and user-friendly operation interface, the Pharmapack automatic pouch packing machine provides efficient and reliable packaging solutions to customers across industries. As a leading company in the field of pharmaceutical packaging equipment for more than 20 years, Pharmapack insists on taking customer needs as the driving force for innovation, constantly promotes technological innovation, consolidates its leadership position in the industry, and continues to lead the future development of pharmaceutical packaging technology.

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