Safety Enhancement in Pharmaceutical Packaging: The Crucial Role of the Integrated Pill Counting and Capping Machine LF-0601C

In the field of pharmaceutical production, some operators need to be in direct contact with drugs. If the drugs are toxic or corrosive, they pose a serious threat to the safety of the operators. Therefore, to ensure the safety of the operators and the quality of the drugs, a safe and non-toxic system is established. Creating a safe working environment requires consideration of many factors, including equipment selection, process optimization, and operator training. Among these factors, equipment selection is particularly critical. Safe and high-quality automation equipment is a powerful tool for improving the efficiency of modern production lines.

Counting and capping machine LF-0601C

How to Ensure the Safety of the Integrated Pill Counting and Capping Machine LF-0601C

The all-in-one counting and capping machine LF-0601C is specially designed for pharmaceutical packaging. It utilizes negative pressure in the working space generated by the sterile isolation cover and exhaust system to block external contamination and avoid contact with the operator. It is suitable for professional multi-grain packaging of easily contaminated, moisture-prone, toxic, and corrosive drugs.

Performance Advantages of the Integrated Grain Counting and Capping Machine LF-0601C

Material and Structural Safety

  • Wide Applicability: Suitable for soft, hard, and transparent capsules, tablets, pills, and other solid pharmaceutical granules.
  • Lid Compatibility: Suitable for rotating threaded lids and anti-theft lids.
  • Material Safety: Designed in accordance with GMP standards, the parts in contact with drugs are made of AISI 316L stainless steel, and the body cover is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Structural Fastening: All electrical control and other parts are sealed to prevent drug powder from affecting the service life of electrical components.

Easy Operation and Maintenance

  • Easy Operation: Control the pneumatic device to lock or loosen the vibration plate through the touch screen, no tools are required to disassemble.
  • Easy Maintenance: It adopts an embedded buckle structure, which is easy to disassemble, clean, and maintain.

Intelligent Detection and Automation

  • Intelligent Detection: Automatic detection of no bottle or inverted bottle, automatic alarm.
  • High Degree of Automation: During the normal production process, no special personnel is required to supervise, and it is equipped with various self-protection devices.
  • Reduce Labor Intensity: Automatic cap removal and screwing reduces the operator’s labor intensity.

High-Quality Components and Efficient Bottling

  • High-Quality Components: A full set of Festo and SMC pneumatic parts, and the main motor adopts German SEW variable frequency speed regulating motor to ensure accurate and uniform movement.
  • Efficient Bottling: 12 tracks simultaneously load the single vibrating feed nozzle, resulting in fast bottling speed.
  • Precise Granule Dispensing and Exit Detection
  • Precise Granule Dispensing: Using a vibrating granulation mechanism, when the granules are filled, the blanking nozzle will firmly cover the bottle mouth, ensuring that large granules are bottled without blocking the material, and small granules are bottled without material falling, which is helpful for solving the problem of bottle mouth material blocking effect is significant.
  • Exit Detection: The outlet has a capping detection function, and caps with poor capping will be rejected.

Medicine package

The Pharmapack all-in-one capsule counting and capping machine LF-0601C not only has excellent equipment performance, but its operating system and processor also adopt advanced foreign imports, ensuring quality.

  • High-Speed Electronic Digital Chip Technology: Introducing mature high-speed electronic digital chip technology from well-known foreign manufacturers, based on high-speed microprocessor (MCU) technology and equipped with an operating system with full Chinese dynamic graphics display. Parameters can be set on the touch screen setting interface.
  • High-Configuration Processor: Using the German INFION C165 MCU processor, which has the highest configuration in the industry.
  • Automatic Fault Diagnosis and Real-Time Monitoring: Automatic fault diagnosis and real-time monitoring alarm display system, and can store 100 sets of product parameters, which can be called directly when replacing products.
  • Intelligent Adjustment: When changing bottles of different heights, it is easy to adjust and can be operated on the touch screen to automatically adjust the height of the whole machine.

In general, a safe working environment in the pharmaceutical packaging industry is crucial, and the integrated capsule counting and capping machine LF-0601C provides operators with a safe and efficient working environment through its advanced design and functions.

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