Maximizing Productivity with Pharmapack’s 360-degree AI Counting and Sorting Machine

Innovation is constantly driving the progress of various industries, and Pharmapack has always strived to provide cutting-edge solutions for each industry. The company is about to launch its breakthrough product, the 360-degree AI Counting and Sorting Machine. With its advanced features and capabilities, this new product is expected to revolutionize the counting and sorting process in various industries. In this article, we will delve into the key features of Pharmapack 360-degree AI Counting and Sorting Machine and explain the AI technology of this product in detail.


Pharmapack 360-degree AI Counting and Sorting Machine at a Glance

The Pharmapack 360-degree AI Counting and Sorting Machine is a device that integrates counting, sorting, sieving, and rejecting. The machine adopts the European design and structure, and uses AISI 304 stainless steel as the outer material. The material of the parts of the machine in contact with medicine is AISI 316L stainless steel, which ensures long service life. The 360-degree AI Counting and Sorting Machine is based on humanized design, and all operations are in line with ergonomics, and the materials from inside to outside of the machine also meet the requirements of GMP and FDA.


In addition to the materials, the features of this machine are also outstanding. Pharmapack equips this counting and sorting machine with an innovative camera inspection system, a rejection system, and a static inspection system for the front and back scales. This allows companies to reject defective pills online and maintain a more stable, accurate, high-integrity weighing function that helps them improve product quality and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Pharmapack combines the sieving and sorting functions of the machine into one unit. Also, the cleaning and maintenance platform is installed on the top of the machine, making it take up less space and bottling faster.


With its powerful functions, this counting and sorting machine can fill and weigh pills, tablets, hard and soft capsules, and other solid preparations. Pharmapack 360-degree AI Counting and Sorting Machine can be widely used in pharmaceutical, healthcare, food, pesticide, chemical, and other industries.


AI Visual Inspection Platform Technology

The core of the Pharmapack 360-degree AI Counting and Sorting Machine lies in its 360-degree inspection technology, which consists of a binocular camera component, an online culling mechanism, an AI visual inspection system, and an AI visual training platform. This technology utilizes the free-falling and flipping characteristics of tablets and uses two wide-angle micro-cameras on the front and back to capture and remove the size, shape, color, defects, and stains from solid products online at speeds of up to 100 frames per second.


Among them, the most worth mentioning is its AI visual inspection platform. The platform can input the parameters of various tablets and has features such as real-time frame rate display, qualification rate statistics, and defective type counting. This allows operators to easily monitor the counting and sorting process, minimize product defects, and ensure that the qualification rate of each product is 100%. Moreover, the 360-degree AI Counting and Sorting Machine can reduce operator labor intensity while completing each task quickly. By automating these tasks, companies can greatly reduce human errors and save valuable time and resources.


The Pharmapack 360-degree AI Counting and Sorting Machine represent a significant leap forward in counting and sorting technology. It combines high-quality materials, cutting-edge features, and the power of visual AI inspection technology to automate counting and sorting processes with outstanding accuracy and speed, increasing labor efficiency and productivity. Companies can save costs and improve overall performance by minimizing errors and streamlining workflows.


The Pharmapack 360-degree AI Counting and Sorting Machine is the ideal solution to optimize counting and sorting operations and increase accuracy. Visit Pharmapack’s website to learn more about the 360-degree AI Counting and Sorting Machine and how it can change your business!

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