PCR-1506/2510/4016  Rotary capper (for screw rotary cap)
PCR-1506/2510/4016 Rotary capper (for screw rotary cap)
Maximum Production Speed:150/260/400BPM (depending on the size of the product being inspected)




150/260/400 bottles per min.

Applicable range

Cap dia.: φ20~φ60 mm

Cap height: 10~30 mm

Bottle dia.: φ20~φ100 mm

Power supply

AC 220V, 50 Hz


1.7 KW

Air pressure


Air consumption

45 L/min, clean air

Measurement ( L×W×H )

Approx. 2000 mm×2800 mm×2300 mm


Approx. 1300 kg

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PCR-1506/2510/4016 is an automatic capping machine designed specifically for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and food industries.Its function is: will go through the cover mechanism in accordance with the desired direction of the bottle cap, into the star wheel of the cap, caught by the capping, and from the previous process (such as the Bottle machine) came over the bottle of the spin together to a certain speed to the next process.Applicable product (bottle) height between 45~205 mm, cylindrical, oval and rectangular plastic bottles with an outside diameter of 20~60 mm, too large, too small, and impact-resistant bottles (such as glass bottles) are not suitable for this machine.In practical applications, PCR-2510 capping machine is usually used with other machines, such as: Automatic bottle-sizing machine, automatic granulator and some other filling counting device, between the processes are mainly used conveyor belt, to transport the transition.


The bottle 1 has been loaded into a row through the conveyor belt through the machine bottle screw mechanism 3, the container (bottle 1) into the monomer after the accurate feeding into the bottle star Wheel 4, while the cap m (n) from the bottle hoist a from the CAP barrel U lift to the mechanism B, automatically the CAP to the positive and negative to the lid, into the cap chute I into the cap star wheel F, Through the host cam mechanism of each screw cover shaft of the 10 g cap cap, and wear to the bottle to enter the main star wheel for capping, screw the size of the cap torque can be adjusted by adjusting the size of the gap in the magnetic disc to meet customer requirements.The bottle body that is screwed up is then transported to the conveyor belt by a star wheel out of the bottle.After the elimination of the detection mechanism (without aluminum foil or improper capping) from the conveyor belt to the next process.

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