LFBI-10 Intermittent Horizontal Cartoner
LFBI-10 Intermittent Horizontal Cartoner
Maximum Production Speed:100p/min(Depends on the carton size and the packed product) (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



Max. speed

100p/min(Depends on the carton size and the packed product)

Box size/L*W*H

115~200 mm *40~130 mm *15~80 mm

Product size/L*W*H

110~195 mm *35~125 mm *10~75mm

Leaflet size/L*W*H

70~300 mm *90~200 mm

Leaflet weight


Power consumption


Power supply

AC380-400V  50/60Hz

Compressed air 


Air consumption


Machine dimension/L*W*H

6400mm(L)×2500mm(W)×2500 mm(H)

Machine weight


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1. The product A is positioned manually or automatically into the buckets of the infeed conveyor B. On the infeed conveyor there is a sensor that checks the presence of the product allowing the carton to transfer from the magazine C.

2. A carton is squared and positioned in the marking station D where, on the flap is embossed the code (marker with mechanical operation) and subsequently transfered to the filling station. The leaflets inserter transfers a leaflet to the zone of introduction F. When the product reaches the end of the bucket, infeed the leaflets. The pusher inserts the leaflet into the opened carton.

3. The full carton advances on the top/bottom toothed belt transporter, where a series of folders G folds up the flaps to close the carton.

4. At the exit of the cartoner is the carton ejection station H for incomplete product.


1. The design conforms to GMP standards and the relevant industrial safety rules in force. Because the feet of the equipment are very small, it occupies little space.

2. It is specially designed for automatic cartoning of medicines and cosmetics, and has a "Balcony" structure. The main driving part and the auxiliary driving part are installed on the side of the conveying mechanism, which makes cleaning, maintenance, inspection and product changeover more convenient. The "Balcony" structure also prevents dust and debris from the carton from falling into the drive mechanism.

3. The scratch-resistant white toothed conveyor chain can ensure that the cartons are not scratched during the conveying process, and ensure that the cartons with high smoothness can also be conveyed smoothly. It is an ideal equipment for packaging fragile products or products with lining.

4. A sophisticated mechanical drive system and a reliable product delivery system are used.

Product are easy to change over. In most cases, no tools are needed, and the operation can be completed by adjusting the handwheel with digital display.

5. PLC controller and LIQUID crystal touch interface are adopted, which bring great convenience for production and product change over. Electrical wiring, noise level and safety protection devices comply with relevant industrial standards.

6. It is applicable to the sealing of pre-glued carton with flap inserted at the back or with flap inserted directly, and can be equipped with a hot melt glue device to achieve hot melt glue sealing, of course, the mixed mode of flap inserted and glue sealing can also be applied.

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