LFBI-15 Intermittent Motion Horizontal Cartoner
LFBI-15 Intermittent Motion Horizontal Cartoner
Maximum Production Speed:150 cartons/min (depending on the size of the product being inspected)




150 cartons/min

Carton specification(L x W x H)

80~140 mm *35~120 mm *18~60 mm

Bottle specification (D X H)

75~135 mm *30~50 mm *14~50mm

Booklet specification(L x W)

70~300 mm *90~200 mm

Booklet weight


Power supply


Power absorption

AC220V  50/60Hz

Compressed air


Air consumption


Dimension(L x W x H)

Approx.3000mm(L)×1500mm(W)×1920 mm(H)



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It can put the bottle, blister p board, material holder and other materials into the carton and then sealed box.If you use it with our folding machine, you can load the manual into the paper tray.
This machine is suitable for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries, and can realize the packing of bottles, blister board and related materials.
working principle

Manually or automatically place product A on the feed conveyor B. If the electric eye on the feed conveyor detects that a product has appeared, it sends a signal to suck the product from the material level C onto the U-shaped conveyor belt.

After the carton is sucked up from the silo, it is spread into a square shape and placed at the D position for the box to be coded. Then, the carton is sent to the cartoning station. At the same time, the manual comes from the E to the instruction inserting device F. When the product comes to the end of the conveyor belt, the instructions are pushed into the formed carton by the product under the action of the push rod.

The carton loaded with the product and the instruction manual enters the tooth-like carton conveying device, and the G-folding tongue device completes a series of folding tongue movements until the final sealing box.

The cartoner outlet is equipped with a carton reject device H, which is used to detect and reject the unqualified carton.

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