LFC-06D Antigen Test Kit Packing Machine
LFC-06D Antigen Test Kit Packing Machine
Maximum Production Speed:Max. Speed: 60 packs/min (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



Max. Speed

60 packs/min


Manual(1 pc)

Certificate(1 pc)

Bio-safety garbage bag(1 pc)

Nasopharyngeal swab(1 pc)

Test Cassette(1 piece)

Extraction Tube(1 piece)

Bag Size

Appr. 212mm(L)×395mm(W)

Power Supply

AC380V 50/60Hz

Compressed Air



Approx. 15KW

Air Consumption

100L/min clean air




Approx. 3000Kg

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LFC-06D Antigen Test Kit Packing Machine

The antigen test kit includes user manual, QC card, bio-safety garbage bag, nasopharyngeal swab, test cassette, extraction tube. Antigen Test Kit Packing Machine is put the whole kit into a bag or carton automatically, from pick-up to place, then put into bag. All those functions realized by different module station. Each station will be checked by photocell or camera to ensure the filling accuracy.


1. Module design

Each functional station is completely module design, easy integrated by the conveyor.

2. High speed

Dual-station configuration can be carried out according to requirements, each functional is seamlessly integrated through the servo control system, eliminating unnecessary delays of each process action, in this way, the speed is faster and stable.

3. Control system

Innovated motion controller to control the machine,, precise orientation and stable. EtherCAT bus protocol for anti-interference, to ensure fast transmission and easy operation.

4. Innovated bag sealing

The pull-flat station  and Diamond tripe sealing to ensure quality and good look.

5. Innovated bag opening and pushing station

Top and bottom sucking to open the bag, spare more space for pushing the antigen test kit into bag, make the bagging correctly and easily. The outer frame of the whole machine adopts aluminum structure, which has a generous and beautiful appearance; The space is spacious, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.

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