LFC-04 Horizontal Automatic Case Packer
LFC-04 Horizontal Automatic Case Packer
Maximum Production Speed:Max. speed: 4 cases/min (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



    Max. speed

4 cases/min


Approx. 5.0KW

    Power supply

AC380V 50/60HZ

    Air pressure


    Air consumption

Approx. 100L/min clean air


Approx. 3500mm(L)×1800mm(W)×2500mm(H)


Approx. 2500kg

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————— Details —————

1. Working Principle

(1) The hopper stores a stack of boxes. Through the unpacking device that is composed of adjustable belt and movable suction cup, box is formed by pulling, folding and sealing.

(2) Moving to the next process, products are arranged orderly as per packing requirement.

(3) When products and boxes are moving to the packing station, products will be pushed into the box automatically.

(4) Then boxes are transported via clamping belt. Through the folding device, boxes are folded and sealed by the transparent adhesive paper. Packing process is completed.


2. Features

(1) All-in-one machine of unpacking and packing, small occupation area.

(2) The boxes are neatly arranged for back-end packing, which improves the speed.

(3) Adjustable hopper for rapid product replacement.

(4) The control panel is a movable touch screen operation interface.

(5) Can add a separating board and certificates.

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