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We will supply the most perfect “turn-key” packaging solutions for every customers.

Why Choose Pharmapack

In Italy, the source of a large number of high-end automated production line talents and exquisite equipment, we set up a branch as our research and development base. Italian branch office consists of more than 10 R&D specialists, wholly integrated European’s fabrication process and advanced technology; while the headquarters Innocentre has more than 70 senior technical engineers. PharmaPack congregate advanced technology all over the word to supply the most advanced and guaranteed technology support for our customers.

Pharmapack Press Releases and News

Pharmapack Press Releases
and News

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Our Customers

As a leader of smart pharmaceutical packaging equipment industry in Asia, Pharmapack had experienced tremendous growth with installed bases in more than 30 countries. We have successfully provided line installations for many well-known companies such as Pfizer, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, Sanofi, Astrazeneca, Baxter, Mars, Wrigley, Perfetti, L’Oreal, AVON, TongRenTang, Salubris, Jilin AoDong, North China Pharmaceutical Company, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Holding Co., Ltd,Yunnan Baiyao Group Co.,Ltd, Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals, The Yangtse River, Tasly Pharm, Infinitus, BY HEALTH etc.



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