LFM-24   Modular Counter
LFM-24 Modular Counter
Maximum Production Speed:18000 pieces/hr. (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



Max. speed

18000 pieces/hr.

Filling volume

1-200 pieces

Application scope

Pill, tablet, soft and hard capsules, etc.

Tablet size

Φ3-Φ13mm      Pill, tablet, soft and hard capsules, etc.

Bottle diameter


Bottle height


Power supply

AC380V 50/60Hz

Compressed air & Air consumption


Power consumption


Machine dimension/ L*W*H


Machine weight


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Tablets (A) are loaded into hopper (B) manually or automatically, and then fed onto the 2 sets of three-level vibratory plates (C). Adjust vibration frequency of the vibratory plates, tablets move along 24 tunnels of the plates and continuously fall into 24 optic detection tunnels (D), where tablets are counted by sensors (E) and relevant control system. The counted tablets accumulate on nozzle gate (H). When the tablets’ amount reaches bottle dosage, tunnel gate (F) closes and nozzle gate (H) opens, and the counted tablets in the funnel (G) fall into a bottle via nozzles (I). After the bottle is filled with enough tablets, nozzle gate (H) closes and tunnel gate (F) opens. Meanwhile, the filled bottle is moved away and an empty bottle is moved under nozzle, by driving cylinder (J).

The bottle positioning control system mainly consists of the bottle fixing screw,The electric eye,Baffle cylinder composition.Adjust the screw's horizontal position to ensure that the nozzle is located directly above the bottle mouth;

Filling、Orthotopic adjustment:Adjust the phase of the screw,Put the bottle manually,and observe whether the movement is smooth;At the same time, ensure that the bottle located in the screw is directly under the material port.

Station electric eye

Check if any bottles pass through the screw,if not bottle in the screw,The program will automatically calculate the lack of a bottle,Then control the position of the material mouth when the bottle is short of material,Avoid unnecessary waste and environmental pollution caused by scattered materials.


1.Each unit is designed completely according to the concept of modularization, and a single module is designed completely independently. Each single module can count drugs separately without interference.

2.Complete servo control system.

Servo system control includes big hopper and small hoppers,faster and Higher precision ,Longer working life,Separate design of servo system and hoppers,The hoppers can be removed and cleaned separately,soak,It is easier to maintenance;And minimize noise,Fully comply with cGMP requirements.

3.Through servo encoder control, ensure synchronous and accurate feeding.

Synchronize with screw servo feeding system, ensure synchronous and accurate bottling.

4.Revolving hoppers

Using the servo motor to rotate the hoppers, at the same time, it can avoid the medicine and the leakage of the small particles from the end of the material at the low noise. It can easily cope with the small particle size of the diameter 2-3mm.

5.Higher speed

The innovative vibration unit,higher speed;The speed is 50% higher than the traditional.

6.The demand for larger size drugs for larger size

The size range of the drug that applies the largest number of particles is increased from traditional 13mm to 20mm, so as to better meet the needs of the market.

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