PP-30LC Follow-up modular granulator
PP-30LC Follow-up modular granulator
Maximum Production Speed:30000 pcs/min (depending on the size of the product being inspected)




30000 pcs/min




pillstabletssoft or hard capsule and other solid medicine

 Tablet size


 Bottle size


 Bottle height


 Power supply

AC220-240V  50/60Hz

 Air consumption


 Power absorption


 Dimension (L×W×H)




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————— Details —————
1. Modular design
Each unit is completely based on the modular concept of design, completely independent single module design, each single module can be replaced or increased or decreased alone;Multiple module combinations available on request.
2. Continuous bottle feeding and charging method
Compared with the traditional intermittent cylinder packaging way, it has faster speed and more stable work.It can completely avoid that may occur in the traditional intermittent cylinder packaging way such as impact injury of the bottle.
3. Servo control system
A. The total flapper and branch flapper controlled by the servo system ,faster, higher precision and longer working life. The servo system and flapper are designed separately. The flapper can be taken separately for cleaning, soaking, easier to clean and maintain; and minimize the noise, fully comply with cGMP requirements.
B.  Continuous screw servo infeeding system,the screw speed is perfectly matched to the belt speed to ensure a smooth, continuous infeeding of the bottles.
C. Servo system, Through the servo encoder control, synchronization with the total material door servo system, to ensure accurate synchronization of the material; synchronize with screw servo feed system to ensure accurate bottle filling.
D. Reject Star Wheel servo system,Through the servo encoder control, with the screw servo feed system synchronization, to ensure accurate work station correspondence, while the abnormal bottle of the synchronous vacuum suction bottle culling, completely eliminate the damage to the bottle and do not pour bottles.
PP-30LC is composed of 4 single modules, continuous screw servo infeeding system, servo system, rejecting star wheel servo system and others. Through the servo system to ensure the complete synchronization of the motion unit, so as to ensure continuous 4 assembly bottle work,faster, more accurate, more stable work.
PP-30LC is manufactured by advanced technology.This machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, compact appearance, simple structure, convenient maintenance.It can be widely used in the pharmaceutical industry of solid drug counting, such as pills, tablets, soft and hard capsules and other shaped tablets.
During operation, the granule A is manually or automatically loaded into the silo B, and the vibrating frequency of the three-stage vibrating feeder C is appropriately adjusted, so that the granules in the silo are supplied to the vibrating trough plate of the three-stage vibrating system. The track continuously descends to the drop port, falls into the six optical detection channels D, is counted by optical detection of the electric eye E and the associated control system, and is collected on the channel door H to achieve the set bottling volume. Then close the material door F, and opens the material door H at the same time, so that the medicine particles in the lower hopper G fall into the follower through the nozzle I, thereby completing the bottling process. Then, the material door H is closed, the material door F is opened, the bottle is moved by the splitting screw, and the medicine bottle is moved down one station, so that the cycle is repeated, and the counting and bottling process of the medicine particles is completed.

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