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High Speed Bottle Unscrambler
High Speed Bottle Unscrambler
Maximum Production Speed:400 BPM (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



 Max. speed

400 bottles per min.

 Bottle size range

Ø20~ Ø105 mm

Height: 45~150 mm

 Air pressure


 Air consumption

50 L/min

 Power supply



2.2 KW

 Measurement(L×W ×H)

Approx.3100×1700×1850 mm


Approx. 660 kg

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————— Details —————
UPU-40C is an automatic unscrambler machine designed specifically for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and food industries.Its function is: the arbitrarily placed products through the specialized agencies re-organized and arranged, at a certain speed to the next process.Suitable for use in cylindrical, oval and rectangular plastic bottles with a height between 45~150 mm and outside diameters of 20~105 mm, too large, too small, and not resistant to impact bottles (such as glass bottles) are not suitable for this machine .In practical applications, UPU-40C are usually used with other machines, such as automatic counting machines and other filling counting devices, which are usually transported with a transition.
Working  principle :

Manual or automatic product A into the hopper B, and through the lifting mechanism into the barrel C, according to the product specifications turntable at a certain speed rotation, the product along the barrel wall into the bottle body D, and then the manager bottle conveyor into the reason bottle mechanism E, in the F to straighten out the direction of the mouth, and then the manager of the bottle conveyor belt and export into the next process (product conveyor belt).

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