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Smart Inspection Packaging Line



Vertical rectangular bottle and round bottle labeling machine
Vertical rectangular bottle and round bottle labeling machine
Maximum Production Speed:200/80 bpm (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



Max. output

 Round bottle: 200 bpm

Square/rectangle bottle: 80bpm

Container size


Height: 60~400mm

Label dispensing accuracy

±1.5 mm

Power supply

AC 220V 50-60 Hz, Single or Three Phase

Power absorption

1.2 kW

Dimension(L x W x H) mm

3500 x 1250 x 1650

Working height

870 ±30 mm


400 kg

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The machine from the vial to the large bottle completely free to adjust, no replacement parts ,performance stable and reliable,this machine-wide adoption of 304 stainless steel production ,the quality of up to 100 %. The use of stepper motor control, the import operation screen ,paste error precision, high efficiency. With failure and numerical alarm device (optional) and a printer can output frequency of the production-line Record. Achieve automatic monitoring production. It allows you to label squares, flats, ovals, small boxes, soap bars and many other non-cylindrical containers. It can also label straight cylindrical and tapered cylindrical containers. It can also be customized to accommodate the most difficult and unique containers.

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