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  • Pharmapack PL series bottle packaging line consist of bottle unscrambler, counter, inserter, capper,sealer, labeler, booklet outserter, cartoner, case packer, pelletizer and so on. The line can be equipped with SCADA system, broken tablet detection and rejection system, tracking and tracing system. Whole line manufactured under international standard, it can meet with GMP, FDA requirements. As the constitutor of domestic counting line standard, Pharmapack has created online centralized control and diagnose system, which can meet 21 CFR PART 11 regulations. Pharmapack is always leading the latest trend of pharmaceutical machinery industry.
  • Pharmapack inspection packaging Line consists of inspection machine, labeler, tray loading machine,cartoner, case packer and strapping machine, etc. With the help of optional devices, it can provide SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System) and Track & Trace system.
  • Stick Automatic Arrange System consists of horizontal to vertical chute, counting and arranging system, lifting and rejection station, stick arranging belt, combining device, stick infeeding and cartoner, to realize stick packing, empty stick or weight detection, counting and arranging, cartoning. With optional devices, it can also provide SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System), to improve the production automation and management This Line fully complies with GMP standard.
  • Pharmapack secondary packaging line (PEL series) consists of cartoner, double side labeler, single side labeler, three dimensional wrapping machine, top labeler, case packer, check weigher , large character ink-jet printer, print & apply labeler and palletizer.