Report on Achema 2018

From June 11 to 15, 2018, Pharmapack Technologies Corporation ("Pharmapack") participated in Achema 2018 in Germany. Achema is an exhibition organized by the German Society for Chemical Apparatus, Chemical Engineering, and Biotechnology. Held every three years, it is the world's largest chemical engineering and equipment exhibition enjoying a high reputation in the chemical industry worldwide. Pharmapack showcased its products such as the new type of counter with broken piece camera detection and rejection system, the sealing detection system with advanced thermal imaging technology, the desiccant inserting machine with broken packet camera detection system, and the light inspection machine with cutting-edge technology, which caught customers' eyes and won high praise.

By participating in the exhibition, our main motivation was to broaden our horizons, gain new ideas, and learn from and exchange with peer companies. Taking full advantage of this opportunity, we exchanged and communicated with participating customers and agents, further enhancing the visibility and influence of our brands and accelerating our pace towards globalization. We also learned the dynamics of our leading peers and the overall development direction of the industry, so as to better improve our products and build smart factories for more customers worldwide. 


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