New Products of Pharmapack Showcased at CIPM 2018 (Chongqing)

On April 20, the 55th (2018 Spring) China National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition opened in Chongqing. As a professional exhibition with high visibility in the industry, CIPM attracts thousands of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors every year.


Assisting in the development of pharmaceutical packaging industry

This year, Pharmapack changed its usual style and mainly showcased new products such as the counting and strip packaging line, tabletop counter, modular counter, light inspection machine and software system.

■ The counting and strip packaging line, which is the first of its kind in China, integrates the technology of electronic counters into the strip packaging line to achieve precise filling and expand the scope of application of the line.

■ The tabletop counter is a piece of quality control (QC) laboratory equipment with higher counting accuracy. The small size makes it easy to operate.

■ The modular counter features a new type of vibrator. The increase in the vibration speed means fewer vibrator tracks are needed for producing the same quantity of drugs, and the machine is therefore lighter and more compact. The charging gate features a servo structure, which provides more stability.

■ The infrared sealing detection system, with an advanced thermal imaging system and image processing program, is widely used in Pharmapack's counting lines and is fully marketed.

■ The coding system, featuring multi-level coding control and co-existence of multiple relational models, enables the controllability and traceability of products throughout production, sales, and end use. It provides one-stop smart packaging services tailored for enterprises.


Building a technology-based leading enterprise

Pharmapack is committed to building a highly competitive technology-based leading enterprise in the industry. With over 80 senior technical engineers, Pharmapack has constantly invested in the R&D of new technologies, achieving remarkable results in the R&D of SCADA software control system and core equipment. It has successively launched new products such as the new type of counter, light inspection machine and strip packaging machine, with strong support from the government. Pharmapack has been constantly improving its post-service, following an all-dimensional service system involving installation and commissioning, training and guidance, network support, and on-site service.


Providing AI-enabled lines

With its enhanced presence in the Chinese and overseas markets, Pharmapack is seeking the seamless integration of software and hardware. It will continue to provide secondary packaging lines, modular equipment, non-standard customized lines and other AI-enabled lines to build smart factories for customers and advance towards the Industry 4.0 era.

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