Pharmapack Showcases Unique Pharma Packing Machine at ACHEMA

As one of the most experienced suppliers and manufacturers of pharma packing machines, we at Pharmapack are responsible for distributing high-quality and high-productivity automatic packing machines at the front. To fulfill this responsibility, we will bring exclusive pharma packing machines to attend ACHEMA 2022 at hall 3.1 and booth G8 from August 22nd to 26th in Germany. 


ACHEMA offers a perfect stage for people in different countries to share their innovative ideas and discuss creative pharma packing solutions. In addition, ACHEMA enables visitors and exhibitors to have face-to-face communication for effective and bilateral discussions on packing solutions, products, and services with potential cooperation and business. 


Pharma Packing Machines from Pharmapack to Attend ACHEMA

We will present our competitive pharma packing machines, together with our mature services, to the public during this world fair. Not only does ACHEMA allow us to showcase our distinctive pharma packing machines to the exhibitors and visitors worldwide, but it also creates an opportunity for us to exchange our disparate thoughts with potential buyers for smart and automatic packing machines. Thus, in order to help you master what we show in this exhibition, the following are some representatives that we show in the exhibition:


1. Smart Inspection Packaging Machines

Smart inspection packaging machines are our automatic core machines favored by worldwide customers, which you can verify by the worldwide appreciation of our advanced inspection packaging machines. The following are tops reasons why our inspection packaging machines are becoming indispensable in different pharmaceutical enterprises:

ü Automatically reject unqualified products.

ü Clearly observe products through a high-resolution camera.

ü Ensure no liquid leakage in the packaging.

ü Improve the packaging speed and efficiency.

ü Guarantee high quality through special materials which pass GMP regulation.

ü Suitable for liquid solutions, especially for ampoule, vial, oral liquid, etc.


2. Automatic Stick Packing Machines

Another competitive product we own that has gained worldwide acclaim is the automatic stick packing machine. And we will showcase this superior product at ACHEMA to invite more people to feel the charm of our advanced stick packing machines, which have the following merits:

ü Accurate packing.

ü Automatic rectification.

ü Twice sealing.

ü Round-cutting mechanism to make the bag more artistic.

ü Double-tearing mechanism to ensure users easy to open the packaging bag.

ü Slot type transition conveyor to ensure packaging efficiency.



3. Intelligent Bottle Packaging Machines

It is worth mentioning that our intelligent bottle packaging lines play vital roles in different pharmaceutical enterprises since they are pursuing automated and smart high-end packaging solutions. An intelligent bottle packaging line normally has several components, including an unscrambler, counter, inserter, capper, sealing detection system, labeler, booklet outserter, cartoner, monoblock, etc. With numerous features and functions our bottle packaging lines provide, they shine delightfully in various industries:

ü High working speed to ensure the delivery in time.

ü Modern control system to ensure an easy-to-use user experience.

ü Less maintenance to save total cost.

ü A complete packaging line that will be working effectively with each other.


4. Excellent Track and Trace Systems

Apart from the above-mentioned superior packaging products, we will also showcase unique track and trace systems produced under years of innovation. Our track and trace systems consist of tamper-evident labeling, continuous horizontal cartoner serialization, weight-checking, and semi-automatic aggregation to achieve the process of cartoning effectively, labeling, weight checking, etc. Except for that, our systems still offer the following distinctive merits:

ü A unique identification code is applied to each product to trace its track.

ü An all-in-one camera inspection system to effectively reject defective products.

ü Serialization, coding, weight checking, and Tamper-Evident labels for each product safety.

ü Accurately save all information and generate a data chain for circulation tracing.

ü Suitable for healthcare, food, confectionery, and pharmaceutical industries.


Pharmapack: Your Reliable Pharma Packing Machine Supplier

Since our foundation in 2002, Pharmapack has been continuously dedicated to providing users with the most satisfactory pharma packing machines. In recent months, we have meticulously prepared for ACHEMA 2022, where we can show our best services and performance to attract more partners. In addition, it is the continuous R&D on innovation that fosters us to occupy a pivotal position in the field of pharma packing solutions which are favored by people worldwide.


In the future, we will be keeping abreast of the development of the packaging industry to accelerate the brand-building process, optimize the management system, and create more high-quality pharma packaging machines for clients. We also welcome opportunities to establish a long-term partnership with you. 

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