Why Use A Capsule Counting Machine Rather Than Manual One?


Capsule counting machines are the best way to count in bulk. With manual counting, mistakes are much easier, which can cost you time and money. So if you're looking for an efficient and accurate solution without room for errors, capsule counting machines are the way to go!


What is a Capsule counting machine?


The capsule counting machine is a device that counts the number of capsules in a batch. With its distinctive features, such as being a useful assistant for companies in medicine production with less manual operation, the counting machine can handle large batches easily and efficiently. This is important because it allows for accurate production and shipping of pharmaceuticals.


How can it be used effectively?


The capsule counting machine is so important for business. Then let's learn the working principles of taking the tablet counting machine for pharmacy as an example.


1. Product (A) is loaded into the two hoppers (B) manually or automatically (optional) and then fed onto the two sets of three-grade vibratory plates (C).


2. By adjusting the vibration frequency of the vibratory plates, the products can be allowed to move through 32 channels of the plates continuously and in a single file.


3. At the end of channels, the products fall into 32 detection tunnels (D), where the products are counted with the help of a combination of sensors (E) and a control system.


4. Collect the counted products on the nozzle gate (H). When the preset count has reached, the tunnel gate (F) closes at the same time, and the nozzle gate (H) opens to allow the counted products in the funnel (G) to drop into the bottle via the nozzle (I).


5. After filling the bottle, the nozzle gate (H) closes while the tunnel gate (F) opens. Meanwhile, the bottle positioning cylinders work to release the filled bottle and get the next empty bottle positioned under the nozzle.


Tips for using a Capsule counting machine


Capsule counting machines are great for quickly and accurately counting pills. Here are a few tips to help you use your machine to its fullest potential:


- Make sure your capsules are tightly sealed; if the capsules are not properly sealed, the machine will not be able to count them accurately.

- Place the capsules in a single layer on the counting surface to help the machine count them more accurately.

- Do not overfill the counting chamber; overfilling can cause the machine to malfunction.

- Clean the counting chamber and surfaces every time you use it to prevent contamination.




If you want to improve your accuracy and increase efficiency in your pharmaceutical business, then a capsule counting machine might be the answer. It is more accurate and eliminates the possibility of human error, which can lead to costly mistakes, so if you're looking for ways to streamline your operations and make better use of your time, consider investing in a capsule counting machine from Pharmapack.

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