The Many Applications Of Automatic Counting Machines


Counting is a huge task. If you are looking to get your business off the ground or if you want to make a profit, there are many ways that automatic counting machines can help. Unfortunately, it is gaining popularity nowadays with lower costs and easier operation characteristics than manual counts.


What is an Automatic Counting Machine?


An automatic counting machine is a device that automatically performs a specific counting task. With this top-tier machine, you don't have to count manually anymore. Instead, the device will do all the work while giving you plenty of freedom. In addition, it can be used in many different industries for different applications, helping in reducing labor costs and increasing accuracy and production speed.


How do automatic counting machines work?


Take the automatic counting and filling machine from Pharmapack as an example to help you understand the working principle.


· The automatic counting machine usually consists of a hopper where workers place their product into the hopper, or it can be done automatically.


· And then, products are deposited on the vibratory plate that vibrates at a certain frequency to cause the product to move through channels in a single file and then land on detection tunnels.


· The products are detected by infrared dynamic scanning sensors located at different points across the tunnel. The microprocessor calculates how many products have passed through each detection tunnel at any given time.


· Then, the products pass through a detection tunnel to the filling nozzles, which fill the container with the product.


· To ensure accuracy, the counter weighs each container twice: once before it's filled and once after it's filled. The container may be rejected or accepted depending on whether or not it has been filled correctly. For example, if a container exceeds its maximum weight limit or is lower than its minimum weight after filling, it will be rejected by an automatic rejection star wheel.


This way, the counter can detect and reject defective tablets and count tablets in bulk, achieving high-precision and fast counting abilities.


What can the automatic counting machines be used for?


There are several applications in different industries that can benefit from the use of an automatic counting machine. Here are some common applications that would benefit from the machines:


1. Pharmaceutical Industries

It is one of the most indispensable industries nowadays. The pharmaceutical companies are responsible for producing medicines for various diseases and disorders. In this situation, they need machines that can count and fill tablets with high accuracy and fast speed. The automatic tablet counter ensures no errors in production, and the final product meets all quality standards. In addition, the automatic counting machine reduces cost and enhances the efficiency of operations to a large extent.


2. Food Industries

Enterprises in the food industry often require large food manufacturing facilities where they produce a wide variety of foods in the form of tablets and capsules like candies. An automatic counting machine would be a great tool for these enterprises to improve their production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and provide better quality control of their products.


3. Healthcare Industries

Using an automatic counting machine can also help improve the working efficiency in the healthcare industry. For instance, the automatic counting machine guarantees the correct dosage is given to users so that they do not overdose or under-dose themselves.




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