Introducing Pharmapack's Unscrambler Machines

Pharmapack is a company that manufactures a wide variety of automatic packing machines and devices for the chemical, food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. In this blog post, we'll look closely at how their bottle unscrambler machines works and what benefits it can provide your business.


What is a Bottle Unscrambler?


A bottle unscrambler is a machine that automatically unscrambles bottles for the pharmaceutical, medical, and food industries. Pharmapack bottle unscramblers are easy to use and require no special skills or training. Put the bottle into the unscrambler and press the button to start the process.

In addition, the device's operation control and parameter adjustment can be operated on the touch screen. The user interface is designed to simplify the process of preparing medications for administration. Use the touchscreen controls to adjust various parameters of the device, such as speed, torque, or unscrambling direction.


Working Principle of Bottle Unscrambler


1. A to B: Product A enters hopper B manually or automatically

2. From B to C: by entering the barrel C through the lifting mechanism

3. C to D: The product is rotated along the barrel wall into the bottle body D according to the technical specifications.

4. From D to E: the supervisor bottle conveyor enters the justification bottle mechanism E.

5. E to F: in the F to straighten out the orientation of the mouth, and then the bottle conveyor belt management and export into the product conveyor belt.


About Pharmapack


Pharmapack, founded in Guangzhou in 2002, specializes in packaging and coding equipment R&D, manufacturing, sales, and services. We are experts in pharmaceutical packaging machinery. Pharmapack specializes in the research and development, production, and integration of smart packaging technologies. For example, we investigate intelligent bottle packaging lines, automated detection packaging lines, elastic packaging lines, and other supporting equipment.




Pharmapack's bottle unscramblers are a new and innovative way to open hard-to-reach medications. With this device, you can easily remove the cap and bottle top from medication containers without breaking the seal. This saves time and energy, making it easy and convenient to take your medications as prescribed. Pharmapack's bottle unscramblers are available now at pharmacies across the country, so don't wait - order yours today!


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