Automatic Tablet Counting Machines: Minimize the Risk of Error


How can automatic tablet counting machines save you time and money?


Automatic tablet counting machines are a time-saving and money-saving tool for businesses of all sizes. Filling machines can count tablets quickly and accurately, minimizing the risk of error. By automating the tablet counting process, companies can increase efficiency and accuracy while reducing workforce requirements.


How does an automatic filling machine work?


An automatic tablet counting machine is a type of machine that automatically counts tablets or capsules. The machines are typically used in pharmaceutical and chemical plants, but they have also been adapted for use in other industries.

The basic principle behind a counting machine is simple. A moving arm scans the item being counted and records the number of times it passes by. This process can be automated to reduce the risk of human error.

There are a few factors that can affect the accuracy of a counting machine, but most of these can be controlled or minimized through proper design and installation. In fact, many pharmaceutical plants rely on them to ensure accuracy and quality control throughout their production lines.

Products are manually or automatically (optionally) inserted into the hoppers before being fed onto the three-grade vibrating plates. The vibratory plates' vibration frequency can be changed to enable continuous, single-file product movement via their channels. The photoelectric effect is used to input the working signal created by the infrared dynamic scanning sensor when the medicine particle drops into the high-speed microprocessor (MCU).




For busy clinicians, ensuring accurate and timely medication administration is critical. Automatic tablet counting machines from Pharmapack can play an important role in this process by providing real-time data that can be used to identify potential errors and correct them before they lead to adverse effects. By automating the task of tablet counting, these machines help reduce the risk of human error, ultimately improving production efficiency.


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