Introducing the Operation of Automatic Tablet Counting Machines

An automatic tablet counting machine is referred to in the article as a novel technology that counts the number of pills inside capsules.


What is an automatic tablet counting machine?


An automatic tablet counter is a machine that can perform a specific counting function automatically. Now that you have access to it, you can use this enhanced machine to count instead of manually doing it. Instead, the apparatus will handle everything, but you'll still have a lot of autonomy. It can be used to count capsules, which could increase the accuracy and efficiency of production.


Operating for an automatic tablet counting machine


Learn about the automatic tablet counting machines that Pharmapack offers to assist you in better understanding the operation concept.


The counting equipment frequently consists of a hopper into which workers manually or automatically feed their products. The process could also be automated.

The goods are then placed on the vibratory plate, which vibrates at a predetermined frequency, causing the products to flow through the channels in a single file before falling on the detecting tunnels.


Infrared dynamic scanning sensors placed at various locations throughout the tunnel's length detect the products as they travel through. The CPU will execute the necessary math to determine the total number of commodities passing through each detection tunnel at any given time.


The products are then detected in a tunnel before reaching the filling nozzles, the apparatus used to deliver the product into the container.


The counter performs two independent weigh-ins on each container, the first occurring before the container is full and the second after the filling procedure is complete. A container will be rejected by an automated rejection star wheel, for instance, if the volume of liquid inside causes it to weigh more than its maximum capacity or less than its minimum capacity after being filled.


This enables the counter to count tablets accurately and quickly while also allowing it to detect and remove broken pills from the equation.




If you're seeking a way to count capsules accurately while at once saving time, consider Pharmapack's automatic tablet counting machines. By counting capsules in bulk, these systems help businesses maintain track of their inventory and ensure the accuracy of their counts. Therefore, if you're interested in knowing more about us, get in touch with Pharmapack as soon as possible.

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