Improve the Accuracy of Tablet Bottle Filling Machines

Many types of machines help us in our daily lives, one of which is the tablet bottle filling machines. These machines help us fill capsules, tablets, or even liquids into bottles very quickly and with accuracy. However, as with anything else, there are always ways to improve these machines. In this blog article, we will be discussing how you can improve the accuracy of your tablet bottle filling machines.


Start the machine and preheat it for a few minutes


The accuracy of tablet bottle filling machines can be improved by ensuring the machine is properly preheated before use. This will help to eliminate any cold spots that could cause inaccuracies. Additionally, starting the machine slowly and increasing the speed gradually as needed is important to avoid jamming.


Maintain the tablet bottle filling machine


Maintaining the tablet bottle filling machine is crucial in ensuring that it can produce consistent and accurate results. Here are a few tips to help keep your machine running smoothly:

1. Keep the tablet bottle filling machine clean. Cleaning the machine's interior and exterior will help reduce friction and improve performance.

2. Replace parts as needed. When parts start to wear down, they can cause inaccurate results in the machine. Repairs can also be made before major repairs are necessary.

3. Check for manual errors. Even with the best maintenance, mistakes can occasionally happen in the machine. Checking for manual errors can prevent them from becoming more serious over time.


Set parameters reasonably


The accuracy of tablet bottle filling machines can be improved by setting the parameters reasonably. Parameters such as the tablet size, number of tablets per bottle, and bottle shape can all affect the accuracy of the machine. The size of the tablet should be appropriate for the bottle shape, and the number of tablets per bottle should be consistent with how many are needed to fill the bottle.




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