What You Need To Know About the Bottle Unscrambler

Whether you own a company that deals with electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, confectionary, or beverages, the bottle unscrambler machines will be advantageous for your business. Put another way. You should be aware of the bottle unscrambler machines as soon as possible. In this post, we will review some basic information about the equipment in question.


What exactly does bottle unscrambler mean?


A bottle unscrambler is a common name for an automatic bottle unscrambler machine, usually referred to simply as a bottle unscrambler. This machinery was designed with the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food processing sectors in mind from the ground up. In the subsequent process, it can randomly distribute items via the many specialized agencies rearranged at a specified speed. The method determines this speed.


Working Principle of Pharmapack's bottle unscrambler


The following is an explanation of how the working principle is expected to go, using the bottle unscrambler from Pharmapack as an example:

1. To get from A to B: Put the item in step A into the hopper in step B, either manually or automatically.

2. From point B to point C: Moving through the apparatus that is responsible for raising the barrel to point C

3. From C to D: The turntable turns at a predetermined speed in line with the product specifications, and the product is inserted along the barrel wall into the body of bottle D.

4. From point D to point E, there was the manager bottle conveyor, which led to the reason bottle mechanism.

5. Moving from step E to step F: in step F, modify the orientation of the mouth so that it is facing forward, then move to the next step with the manager of the bottle conveyor belt and export (product conveyor belt)


The Bottle Unscrambler Has a Wide Range of Applications


The LFU-40C model of bottle unscrambler is currently the most common option in this particular product category. It is appropriate for use in cylindrical, oval, and rectangular plastic bottles with heights between 45 and 150 mm and exterior diameters between 20 and 105 mm; bottles that are either too large or too small or those that are not resistant to impact, such as glass bottles, are not appropriate for this machine.




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